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DN Special: Storm – Kurtis Hough

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Sometimes when I get really lucky, a director whose work we’ve featured will stick around once the interview dust has settled and become a firm friend who I can have extended film discussions with and tap up for viewing suggestions. Thankfully since his first appearance on DN 028 Kurtis Hough has fallen into that category, so it’s pleasure to welcome him back for an extra special episode kicking off our 100th consecutive week of podcasting to discuss his latest project Storm.

KH Studios
Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
The Blue Planet
Winged Migration
Godfrey Reggio
Philip Glass
Grave of the Fireflies

godspeed you black emperor – storm from Kurtis Hough on Vimeo.

Author: MarBelle

MarBelle has a strange compulsion to watch as many films as he can get his hands on and find jobs that give him a legitimate excuse to drill filmmakers about their work. Directors Notes is the latest incarnation of this disorder and so much cheaper than film school. Twitter: @MarBelle


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  1. […] of nature. Whether it’s his paintings and photography, his nature documentary re-edit Storm or live action experimental work such as Shadows Grow Long. Even his fully 3D experimental piece […]

    Posted by Bed of Moss | Directors Notes | April 8, 2011, 5:54 pm
  2. […] of Kurtis Hough’s re-edit of epic wildlife documentary footage in Storm, Max Schlickenmeyer skilfully arranges interstellar visuals to illustrate astrophysicist Dr. Neil […]

    Posted by The Most Astounding Fact | Directors Notes | March 13, 2012, 11:01 pm

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