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Vimeo Staff: Top 12s of 2012

Tis the season to, well consume a stack of ‘Best of’ lists in the hope of distilling a year’s worth of media experiences into the highly concentrated cream which sits atop the dross that also made its way into the world over the past 12 months.

Vimeo Festival 2012: DN Picks

With little insight into the judging process or any real logic save ‘we love this one’, here are our picks for the best of each category in the Vimeo Festival 2012 ahead of tonight’s awards. Animation Probably one of the strongest categories this year; Fabian Grodde’s Crossover could win for the intricate attention to detail […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Captured Finalists

There’s nothing quite like being there, but until cloning and teleportation become everyday technologies we’re always going to need people out there to be our eyes and ears. The captured category of the Vimeo awards features video which captures your own artistic expression or performance as the subject and so provide an experience as close […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Lyrical

The finalists of the lyrical category in the Vimeo awards take us on a breath-taking and often personal journey around and above planet Earth, with the creators of the 4 films showcasing distinct creative style through their shorts. SYMMETRY – BY EVERYNONE DN favourites Everynone explore the equilibrium of life with their perfectly balanced short […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Narrative Finalists

The narrative category of the Vimeo awards brings a mix of the creepy, the neglected, the helpful and the downright bizarre across these 4 examples of live action narrative fiction told through the medium of film/video. WEBCAM [SHORT FILM] BY ZBROS PRODUCTIONS Someone’s been stalking your every move. They know who you speak to, where […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Documentary Finalists

As paradoxical as it may initially seem there are many ways to present the ‘facts’ of any given situation. The 4 Vimeo awards documentary category finalists may all present a factual report on a chosen subject or idea, but each does so in its own unique style. AQUADETTES BY CALIFORNIA IS A PLACE. The Stories […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Series Finalists

The set of related or thematic videos, released periodically that make up the 4 finalists of the Vimeo awards series category in turn take us on a life changing and deeply emotional journey, expand our horizons, awake our memories and even let dreams take shape. OFTEN AWESOME THE SERIES BY ALL ACES MEDIA Being diagnosed […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Fashion Finalists

If you’re expecting a parade of emaciated, scantily clad, bedecked drones strutting in unison to pretentious beats, then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong fashion category. What this section of the Vimeo awards provides across its 4 finalists is video showcasing a fashion or beauty collection or trend with moving image. EXPERIMENT NO.9 ‘DYNAMIC […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Motion Graphics Finalists

The infamous American civil war speech of Abraham Lincoln, the adventures of the world’s most famous fictitious Belgian reporter, the art of the title sequence and a dark vision of a possible future. All subjects covered by this year’s finalists in the motion graphics category of the Vimeo awards. A HISTORY OF THE TITLE SEQUENCE […]

Vimeo Festival 2012: Experimental Finalists

Described as video that experiments with new ideas and/or techniques, often characterized by the absence of a linear narrative, the Vimeo awards experimental category this year sees 4 films breaking moulds with some original approaches to filmmaking, whilst providing some genuinely ground-breaking viewing experiences. PHASEONE – SUGAR BY VADIM GERSHMAN & RYAN POWELL Ryan Powell […]

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