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Anthropology: Thirty Films About Love Indiegogo Campaign

In 2008 we were introduced to the work of director Victor Solomon through his adaptation series of stories from Dan Rhodes’ book Anthropology and four years on, it’s held true that the five we got back then still have us wanting more. Hopefully this wont be a problem for much longer as Victor and Rhodes […]

DN198: Life Of Leopold – Victor Solomon

If you thought the ever-present LOLcat meme was fuelled by an army of hapless cat owners you were wrong. I caught up with past DN guest Victor Solomon, to discuss his behind the scenes documentary Life Of Leopold, a look at Leopold Bonar the world’s premiere LOLcat. Instead of going sort of a slapsticky way […]

Life Of Leopold – Victor Solomon

Life Of Leopold: Preamble (2010) A behind-the-scenes documentary about Leopold Bonar, the world’s premiere LOLcat. Watch all five parts of Life of Leopold at Funny or Die

Who is Leopold Bonar?

Victor Solomon’s premiere LOLcat Leopold Bonar is back to answer your most pressing questions: Who is Leopold Bonar? What is a LOLCat? Why do I have this kitten and can’t find the father? The answers to all of your burning questions are finally here!

Life of Leopold Trailer

Victor Solomon teases us with a trailer for his new project Life of Leopold, a behind-the-scenes documentary about Leopold Bonar, the world’s premiere LOLcat.

son, you beautiful

Want to kick off the week with a bit of well deserved flattery? Well Victor Solomon’s got you covered. Stemming from a private joke, Victor dreamt up the character of Chester Winchester, “a ghetto-fied hoodlum from inner city Boston, who is forceful with his compliments.” Feeling the joke may be lost if Chester was shoehorned […]

DN EP 090: Anthropology – Victor Solomon

Victor Solomon is a director in the rare and enviable position of being able to initiate his own projects through self-funding. He joins us this week to discuss his latest work Anthropology, a collection of five short films based on stories from the Dan Rhodes’ book of the same name. https://archive.org/download/DN090AnthropologyVictorSolomon/DN090_%20Anthropology%20-%20Victor%20Solomon.mp3 Anthropology Materials Storyboards Scripts […]

Anthropology – Victor Solomon

Anthropology (2008) Victor Solomon’s Anthropology series of films adapted from Anthropology, a book of short stories by Dan Rhodes.

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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