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Documenting the Moment of Creation in Christopher DeSanty’s Fogged Clarity ‘Les Cheneaux Sessions’

Co-founder of arts review site Fogged Clarity Ben Evans and filmmaker Christopher DeSanty headed to Michigan’s Les Cheneaux Islands with a group of talented artists to document the fragile moments of creation in ‘Les Cheneaux Sessions’. DN invited the pair to tell us more about their collaboration.

The Old West & the Hong Kong Gangster Join Forces for Henry Kaplan’s Poignant Short ‘Get Better Boss’

We invite director Henry Kaplan to take us behind the scenes of the production of his poignant Hong Kong gangster short ‘Get Better Boss, created for Deech’s Comfort EP.

“They are to porn what I am to film” – Sean Dunne Nears Completion…of Feature Doc ‘Cam Girlz’

With his latest feature documentary ‘Cam Girlz’ currently in the editing suite, edging closer to completion, Sean Dunne joins us once again to talk about no regrets, his new lease on life and taking psychedelics.

Jake Saner Journeys into the Relationship Between Person & Place in ‘Spaces Part I: Interior’

Director Jake Saner collaborates with dancer & choreographer Ashley Robicheaux to explore the reciprocal relationship between person and space in their observational documentary / surreal dance narrative ‘Spaces Part I: Interior’. Saner tells DN how they found their way.

Balancing the Nostalgic Past with the Unknown Future in Jordan Michael Blake’s ‘Yeye Bells Shiver’

DN presents the online premiere of director Jordan Michael Blake’s nostalgic NYU short ‘Yeye Bells Shiver’ which takes us on ‘an ethereal, bittersweet journey through the suburbs set on the last day of summer.’

Joe Kramer Talks About Monster Movie Making on a Budget for His Indie Comedy ‘Running the Gammatar’

We speak to director Joe Kramer about monster movie making on a budget for his award winning, wry comedy short about self-centered 20-something love, ‘Running the Gammatar’.

DN LFF2014: Table Tennis & Hip Hop Come Together at Last in Michael Tully’s 80s Movie ‘Ping Pong Summer’

DN caught up with director Michael Tully to get the full funky fresh lowdown on the blending of table tennis and Hip Hop in his modern day 80s movie, ‘Ping Pong Summer’.

Jesse Quinones Discusses the 13 Year Long Journey of his Debut Feature ‘Calloused Hands’

Inspired by his tempestuous childhood experiences, Jesse Quinones’ ‘Calloused Hands’ is a story that took over a decade to make it to the big screen. Quinones joins us to discuss how the story developed through the years.

Ethan Shaftel Imagines the Many Forms of Future Consciousness in Sci-Fi Short ‘Flesh Computer’

Ethan Shaftel talks to DN about his future sci-fi short ‘Flesh Computer’ in which our computers are much more than lifeless machines and consciousness can be found in places other than a human skull.

DN LFF2014: Peter Sattler Explores Friendship Between Enemies & the Uncertainty of Guilt & Innocence in ‘Camp X-Ray’

We sat down with director Petter Sattler at the London Film Festival to discuss his exploration of the uncertainty of guilt and innocence within the walls of Guantanamo Bay in his debut feature ‘Camp X-Ray’.