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Exploring the Complex Minimalism of Jeanette Bonds’ Animated Music Video for Kid606

Animator, Festival founder, Writer and general champion of innovative animation Jeanette Bonds joins us to talk about her latest work, an animated music video for Kid606 track ‘B Minor’.

Poolside with the Wife, the Thief, and the Demon in Jordan Chesney’s Short ‘Cahoots’

Director Jordan Chesney tells DN how he transformed an actor audition into the brief, but oh so intriguing (and damn strange) short film ‘Cahoots’.

nautico Sneak VFX Moments of Strangeness into Beaû’s Beautifully Composed ‘One Wing’ Music Video

Directing duo nautico return to the pages of DN to discuss ‘One Wing’, their alluring video for handsome New York twosome Beaû.

Playing with the Subtle Power of the Small Moment in Paavo Hanninen’s ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’

In Paavo Hanninen’s two-hander The Heart Wants What It Wants, former lovers attempt to rekindle the flame by re-enacting the past, only to discover that they’re intentions may well be mutually exclusive. Hanninen tells DN how he harnessed small moments into a big emotional impact.

Facing an Uncertain Future in Winnie Cheung’s Time Travel Short ‘Dear Lucas’

In ‘Dear Lucas’ director Winnie Cheung has crafted a time travel short in which the characters, not the tech, command our attention. Cheung joins us to discuss how she built an emotionally-resonant recursive romance.

Reimagining Documented Truth as Fiction in Misha Koroteev & Alex Sobolev’s Short ‘Partly Tired Slightly Dead’

Misha Koroteev discusses how he & co-director Alex Sobolev turned a reportage image into compelling short about loss and sacrifice ‘Partly Tired Slightly Dead’.

Matthew Charof Crashes the Party in Short Film Adaptation ‘Firefly’

In Matthew Charof’s short film ‘Firefly’, when Remy and Juliet decide to crash a backyard barbecue , it’s not long before events escalate for the worse. Charof tells DN how an extracted scene from a compelling short story made its way into a pensive film about broken people.

DN322: Appropriate Behaviour – Desiree Akhavan

We talk to Desiree Akhavan about her theatre roots, embracing her true comedic voice as a director and how post-production persistence eventually won out in her emotionally biographical and very personal debut feature ‘Appropriate Behaviour’.

Celebrating the Agoraphobic Weirdo in all of Us in Molly McGlynn’s ‘I Am Not a Weird Person’

In Molly McGlynn’s short ‘I Am Not a Weird Person’, an altercation on the street forces Emmy to retreat to the confines of her apartment, where her contrasting fear of and desire for connection bleeds out to the viewer to great comic effect. McGlynn joins us to discuss why filmmakers shouldn’t wait to be greenlit.

Navigating the Twists & Turns of Armen Antranikian’s Psychosexual Short ‘The Girlfriend Game’

Director Armen Antranikian guides us through the production twists and turns of his erotic thriller ‘The Girlfriend Game’ and explains why movies and sex are the best of (conceptual) bedfellows.