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Take a 9 Minute Single Shot Stroll into the End of the World in Edward John Drake’s ‘All Eyes On You’ Music Video

Edward John Drake’s single shot music video for Klangkarussell’s ‘All Eyes On You’ is an extraordinary 9 minute piece of choreographed precision in which a bizarre collection of characters intersect on London’s dawn streets. We invited Drake to tell us just how he pulled off such an impressive end of days narrative.

Val Keller Amps up the Science Experiment Surrealism in Sci-Fi Short ‘After Thought’

Val Keller’s short ‘After Thought’ transports us into a surreal world in which it’s possible to receive the bill for your own funeral. Producer Reza Amidi provides DN with a peek behind the mysterious curtain.

Niles Heckman Explores Cybernetic Love & Loss Under the Shadow of a Space Elevator in Sci-Fi Short ‘Auroras’

Niles Heckman’s sci-fi short ‘Auroras’ tells the tale of cyborg love and separation played out against the grand vista of a 22nd century North Pole space elevator. Heckman joins us to discuss the film’s epic 3 year journey.

DN320: Loves of a Cyclops – Nathan Punwar

Director Nathan Punwar guides us through the multi-layered story of his charming short film ‘Loves of a Cyclops’.

An Introduction to Stalker Photography in MP Cunningham’s Documentary Short ‘The Observer’

Bringing this controversial art form to the small screen, The Observer takes us on a brief journey through Alex’s chosen craft, as she explains why she’s decided to explore this particular route of photography.

Nathan Honnold Once Again Explores his Fascination with the Underdog in his latest Documentary ‘Thomas Bennett’

We speak to director Nathan Honnold about his latest short documentary ‘Thomas Bennett’, a film he describes as an intimate portrait of a friend living on the fringes of society.

The Blood, Guts & Brains Behind Pleasure Kill’s Music Video for Psychic Rites’ ‘Singularity’

Soaked in blood and splattered in entrails, Pleasure Kill’s music video for Psychic Rites track ‘Singularity’ is no ordinary music video. Creative duo Mike Wilson and Mike Siemens set out to give us a story-based promo full of killer cars, physical effects and buckets of blood. We spoke to Mike Wilson about their approach to the video.

Blake Bogosian Documents the Small Stories Which Make Us ’100 Percent Human’

In his lifelong micro-documentary portrait series ’100 Percent Human’ filmmaker Blake Bogosian documents the stories which make us who we are in beautifully direct to camera black and white. DN caught up with Bogosian to discover the production story behind the stories.

Sean Dunne Explores the Lives of Internet Sex Workers in New Documentary ‘Cam Girlz’

Eager to make a film about women that challenge the establishment, we talk to director Sean Dunne about his latest documentary ‘Cam Girlz’ – a feature exploring the lives of women working in the internet sex industry.

Brudder Films Present a Grin-Inducing Look at the Awkwardness of Puberty in ‘Foureyes’

Siblings Tyler & Conor Byrne of Brudder Films new short Foureyes is an impressive, grin-inducing look at the awkwardness of puberty. DN sat down with director Conor to talk about making films to been seen far and wide, and the strong allure of nipples.