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Christopher Bell Considers the Role of the Substitute Parent in ‘Bridges’

Watching Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo feature at the London Film Festival last year I was struck by one of the film’s central tenets – if you subcontract out the parenting of your child to a babysitter or nanny, a person who by definition you actively want to form a strong bond with your child, does […]

American Hustle

I loved American Hustle. No, it’s not as worthy as 12 Years a Slave. No, it’s not opening up a dialogue about slavery today and how it has evolved through the ages. It’s simply the story of some people double crossing some other people and then double crossing them again, but what’s not to love […]

DN311: Dog Meet Goose – Jon Bryant Crawford

Jon Bryant Crawford’s short Dog Meet Goose is awkward, uncomfortable cinema at its best. We sit down with Jon to find out what it’s like to have actors turn up to casting just to tell you how offensive your script is and the joy of creating a piece of cinema powerful enough to make audiences squirm in their seats.

DN308: Mr. Christmas – Nick Palmer

Even my cold jaded heart couldn’t help but be charmed by the seasonal enthusiasm of Bruce Mertz, the festive light maestro at the centre of screenwriter and director Nick Palmer’s documentary Mr. Christmas. Nick joins us to discuss how he brought Bruce’s charming story to screen.

All:Expanded Blur the Lines Between Fashion, Music & Narrative in ‘Providence’

All:Expanded’s multi-faceted debut Providence marks them as a creative force to be reckoned with right out of the gate as they blur the lines between fashion, music promo and narrative short for a film which is certainly more than the sum of its parts. We get in at the ground floor with brothers Duncan and Stuart Winecoff to find out how they established such an impressive toehold and where they plan to take All:Expanded in the future.


In Josh Lopata’s emotion filled stop motion thesis short Fade, when death comes calling a young boy battles to hold on to the father he loves so dearly.

Experimentation Becomes an Examination of the Importance of Human Connection in Alex Bohs’ ‘MUM’

One of the most inspiring things about filmmaking is that alongside the projects which you obsess over and nurture for years, sometimes come films which appear to blossom from nowhere and demand, seemingly of their own volition, to be made. Born as a narrative experiment exploring the burgeoning strengths in his work, Alex Bohs’ short […]

The Dark Side of Peter Pan in Kellen Moore’s ‘East of Kensington’

Ever since his inception over 100 years ago, the story of J. M. Barrie’s most famous of creations, Peter Pan, has become a tale that transcends generations. Appearing in feature films, both live-action and animation, whilst many filmmakers have explored the playful, heroic side of Pan, not many have dared to delve into the darker […]


Bryan Schlam take us inside the mental ring of boxer Stray and the mindset which enables him to keep getting up when the punches begin to fly, in short documentary S O U T H P A W

She Said, She Said

Featuring Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez balanced precariously on the precipice of an acrimonious split whilst taking cutting jibes at each other, Stuart Blumberg’s fashion film She Said, She Said beautifully features the Co Spring 2013 collection and insults which could blister paint.