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Travelling Through the Troubled Past of Danny Brown in Norton’s ’25 Bucks’ Promo

Director Norton walks us through the production process of his latest Danny Brown promo and reveals how he created the stunning ‘time-freeze’ effect at its core.

Repressed Emotions Boil Over in Chris Shimojima’s ’6-minute Mom’

In Chris Shimojima’s ’6-minute Mom’, a woman reconnects with her absent mother and discovers that even the sturdiest of emotional walls can be breached. DN speaks to Chris about the challenges of visualising the internal conflict a character is desperately trying to hide.

John Merizalde Gives Urban Violence a Poetic Spin in B&W Rap Video ‘Bang’

In the hands of director John Merizalde the urban story of violence that you think you know takes on a whole new dimension in his black & white music video for Memphis rapper Jon Waltz’s track Bang. We asked John to share his insights about the project.

Hawaii & Smith Get Random with Oh! Tiger Mountain for Storytelling Experiment ‘The Start of Whatever’

Directors Hawaii & Smith take us through their collaboration with DIY space crooner Oh! Tiger Mountain for storytelling experiment ‘The Start of Whatever’ – a ‘Random Story About Electricity, Reverberation, Explosion, Random’.

Monika Delgado & Mickey Todiwala Share Their Curiosity for the Unknown in ‘Green Mansions’

We’re no strangers to the portraits of place films created by Monika Delgado & Mickey Todiwala, so given the opportunity to experience the Amazon Rainforest via their lens we jumped at the opportunity and also snagged Mickey for an insight into the pair’s most fruitful of partnerships.

David Cho Speaks Straight to the Yearning Heart in ‘Where We Are’

In an all too brief, but elegantly observed 85 seconds, LA filmmaker David Cho crafts a beautiful separated conversation of longing that speaks straight to the heart. We asked David to guide us through the yearning.

Stockton Lane Weave Together Precious Memories of Love Lost for Brothertiger’s ‘In Mind’

Robert Nyerges & Matt Hardman’s debut music video ‘In Mind’ for Brothertiger sees a dying man’s desperate search through his past for his lost love. We speak to Robert and Matt about the challenges of weaving a dreamlike flow of memories on screen.

Tyler Mitchell Documents the Building of Streetwear Brand Lucid FC in ‘Materialistic’

Tyler Mitchell’s documentary ‘Materialistic’ is a compelling profile of twins Betts and Chet DeHart, charting their progress from ardent sneaker fans to the founders of the popular Lucid FC streetwear brand. We asked Tyler to share the story of his production journey with the brothers.

Jason Roberts Practices Progress Over Perfection for Solace and Fury’s ‘Be Brave’

Jason Roberts returns to the pages of DN after far too long an absence to share a detailed insight into his collaboration with Amber Tisue on her music project Solace and Fury for track ‘Be Brave’.

One for Dancing & One for a Rainy Day, Carlos Lopez Estrada on Kangaroo Court/Short

Take a film packed full of visual flair, social commentary and kick ass dance moves from a zebra then make it a music video & a standalone film and you’ve got Carlos Lopez Estrada’s ‘Kangaroo Court/Short’ duo of films. We get Carlos to tell us all about his double act.