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“3,000 times a day for two weeks” – Nathan Johnson on the Painstaking Push Pin Animation of ‘Change is Everything’

Director Nathan Johnson invited DN to dig into the hazards of flying pins and sore fingers he faced during the creation of his mind-boggling stop motion music video ‘Change is Everything’.

Denny Wong Hopes You’ll ‘Stay Awhile’ as he Explores Love in an Age of Fleeting Connections

Calendrical short ‘Stay Awhile’ charts the progression of a relationship between two strangers who decide to spend a month together. We discuss the temporal nature of modern relationships with Director Denny Wong.

Vince Staples Rises Above in David M. Herman’s Anti-Gravity Music Video ‘Lift Me Up’

Director David M. Helman reveals how he took Vince Staples to an elevated state in ‘Lift Me Up’.

Samurias Battle Demons in the War-Torn World of ‘AIKO’ – an Animated Trailer by Evan Viera

Director Evan Viera joins us to talk about his teaser-trailer for animated series AIKO – A blend of classic samurai narrative meets apocalyptic fantasy tale, Viera and writer Charley Pope are hoping this short intro into their world finds them the funding/backing to develop it further.

Sam Griffith & Alex LeGolvan Marry High-Speed Photography & Conceptual Art in ‘Trashman’

Sam Griffith reveals how he and co-director Alex LeGolvan exceeded creative and budgetary limitations for their gravity defying conceptual music video, ‘Trashman’.

Floyd Russ Charts the Disturbing True Life Ordeal of a Sex Trafficking Survivor in ‘Crazy Heart’

DN invited Director Floyd Russ to share how he brought the harrowing story of Jennifer Kempton’s experiences as a sex trafficking survivor to screen in ‘Crazy Heart’.

John Merizalde Elevates the Brand Film into a Timely Piece of Social Commentary in ‘11x HUMAN’

John Merizalde and clothing label AKOO tackle issues of racism, black on black crime and police brutality in 11x HUMAN – a brand film with a social conscience.

DN331: Matt Sobel Takes an Inverted Look at the Coming of Age Story in ‘Take Me To The River’

DN talks to Matt Sobel about his inverted coming of age feature ‘Take Me To The River’ and discovers how he harnessed the celebrity power of Taylor Swift to craft an impressive performance from his young co-star.

DN327: Johanna Schwartz Discusses Feature Doc 'They Will Have to Kill Us First'

Director Johanna Schwartz joins DN with her feature-length documentary ‘They Will Have to Kill Us First’ – a film which charts the defiant spirit of Malian musicians willing to risk their lives for the love of their art.

A VFX Extravaganza Meets a Snuff Video Party in Jason Roberts’ Duo of Music Videos

DN caught up with previous guest Jason Roberts to discover how he brought the disparate music video concepts of a VFX extravaganza and a snuff video party to life.

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