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Ethan Young Exposes the Beautiful Machinery of Creativity in Psychedelic Music Video ‘Burma Between You And Me’

Director Ethan Young discusses how resourcefulness and DIY filmmaking techniques came into play in the creation of his playfully psychedelic music video for Humeysha’s ‘Burma Between You And Me’.

Liam Murphy Puts the Heart in the Sci-Fi Robot Genre in Impressive CGI Short ‘NO-A’

In Liam Murphy’s award winning ‘NO-A’, a tenacious robot battles merciless enemies to rescue his creator. We invited Murphy to share how a ‘quality over quantity’ approach shaped the story and production of his robot with a heart sci-fi short.

Mark Zemel Turns the Camera on the Man Behind the Feline Photoshoot in ‘The Purrtraitist’

Director Mark Zemel tells DN how he discovered Larry Johnson, the human star of his charming feline photoshoot documentary ‘The Purrtraitist’.

“I’m a Proponent of Change”: Penelope Spheeris and The Decline Of Western Civilization

Penelope Spheeris & Anna Fox join us to discuss the long overdue release of ‘The Decline Of Western Civilization’ – a momentous trio of documentaries tracking the iconic and infamous movements in Los Angeles music culture.

Noodles & Suburban Unease: Jonny Look Embraces the Strange in ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’

Director Jonny Look discusses how he coupled suburban nostalgia with practical effects for The Garden’s ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’, a music video which seeps sweet and sour unease.

John Charter Takes a Hypnotic Trip of Inward Exploration & Inner Demons in ‘Exile’

John Charter joins DN to discuss ‘Exile’ – an art film which explores the clash between miniature terrain and expansive vistas, fleeting motion against stillness, and digital clarity versus aged film.

Albert Choi Reconnects to Inspiration in Short Film ‘The Latecomer’

“Freedom can be found through self-imposed isolation.” Director Albert Choi joins DN to discuss his new short about reconnecting with inspiration, ‘The Latecomer’.

The High School Rumour Mill Gets Fatal in Joe Testa’s Rashomon-esque Short ‘Hearsay’

“A lot of people ask what the ‘true’ ending is and I think they’re largely missing the point.” Director Joe Testa discusses the rumours & lies of his short ‘Hearsay’.

Kurtis Hough Coalesces all Matter of the Universe for Epic B&W Short ‘To See More Light’

We talk to Director Kurtis Hough about his epic 15 minute B&W experimental film ‘To See More Light’, which combines cosmic geometric animations, time lapse lava flows, gnarly tree growths, and all matter of the universe.

Luke Randall Reveals the Tusked Face of Depression in ‘The Walrus’

Luke Randall’s ‘The Walrus’ guides us through a world both painfully familiar and wonderfully strange. We invited Randall to tell us how he journeyed from dog to walrus with a masked performance which reveals a wealth of bitter emotion.

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