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Guido Ekker Tracks the Molecular Progress of Evil in his ‘Chimera’ Title Sequence

Guido Ekker gives DN a magnified view into the creation of his title sequence for Gonzalo Fernandez’s short film ‘Chimera’.

Florian R. Panzer Challenges Us to Dismount Our Dead Horses & Create

We’re suckers for a good title sequence here at DN and you could say that animation is also very close to our hearts, so it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Florian Raphael Panzer’s creative Playgrounds Student Titles 2013 – with its message of throwing caution to wind and breaking away from the daily grind – was going to be welcomed with open arms to our pages. The fact that it features the names of many of our favourite animators too doesn’t hurt matters either.

Unbovine Yourself

Mankind devolves into a homogenise soup of slaves to groupthink, stifling any opportunity for originality or creativity in Ian Ruschel’s fantastically realised, dystopian title sequence Unbovine Yourself created for the Creative Club of São Paulo Festival.

Reasons to be Creative Opening Titles 2013

Royal Bandit (Julien Vallee & Eve Duhamel) take a delightfully playful approach to their opening titles film for the 2013 Reasons to be Creative conference.

Agent Carter Title Sequence

If you’re busy kicking arse and taking names in your very own Marvel Studios “One Shot” short, then you’re gonna want to make sure there’s a stylish main-on-end title sequence covering your back. That’s exactly what Agent Carter got from the team over at Perception, who found the perfect balance of modern transitions and a […]

Collider Main Titles

Created in collaboration with creative studio Neon and featuring music and sound design from Box Of Toys Audio, Rob Chiu’s sci-fi imbued title sequence for Stash’s recently held Collider Conference is an impressive 3 minutes of visual wonder. And here’s a short breakdown from Neon of the techniques used to create the titles.

Imagined Beauty

Sophie Gateau puts together an impressive RGB dance trail sequence for her TED Global 2013 title sequence.

OFFF 2013 Open Titles

Maintaining OFFF’s flawless hit rate for commissioning impressive title sequences which make you wish they were the opening moments of a feature, Ms. Take grab the helm for a stylised chase in celebration of presenters and attendees both of OFFF 2013. While completely different in style and approach, but no less impressive is the teaser […]

ADBNE 2013 Opening Titles

Motion design graphics studio Breeder deliver a truly jaw-dropping opening title sequence for Analogue/Digital in which bodies are wrapped within a mixture of natural and man-made textures. “This year, we developed an ambitious aesthetic based upon the idea of double exposure, inspired by Alabaster’s amazing track and the conference’s program design. We worked around the […]

Toca Me 2013

We’re big fans of the impressive festival openings which have come to heralded events such as Offf, but every now and then it’s nice to ramp down from these high spectacle, epic narratives to instead enjoy something that’s more relaxed in its pacing. Created for this year’s edition of the Toca Me design conference, Timo […]

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