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DN Special: 94 Elements

The idea behind the project is really to go way beyond the sort of classical view of the periodic table which everyone remembers from the poster on the wall in their classroom at school Mike Paterson’s 94 Elements is a multi-year, world-wide project which aims to explore the pertinent questions of consumption, sustainability and environment […]

DN Special: How Far Would You Go…? – Neil LaBute

Director Neil LaBute’s career has spanned numerous theatre and feature film productions, but for his latest project, LaBute collaborated with the team behind new PS3 game Heavy Rain, to create a documentary where famous ‘witnesses’ answered the question How Far would You Go…? to save someone you loved. You can watch How Far Would You […]

DN Special: Fans Friends Followers – Scott Kirsner

  This week I’m taking a break from the regular Directors Notes episodes to talk to journalist, blogger and author Scott Kirsner about his book Fans, Friends & Followers: Building an Audience and a Creative Career in the Digital Age. The book discusses the tools and techniques used by media producers across a variety of […]

DN Special: Storm – Kurtis Hough

Sometimes when I get really lucky, a director whose work we’ve featured will stick around once the interview dust has settled and become a firm friend who I can have extended film discussions with and tap up for viewing suggestions. Thankfully since his first appearance on DN 028 Kurtis Hough has fallen into that category, […]

DN Special: Wholphin

There’s so much great work out there that even if I spent the full 24 hours a day on Directors Notes I’d still only be scratching the surface, which is why I’m so pleased that the mighty Wholphin DVD magazine exists to bring the best of it straight into our homes every quarter. I managed […]

DN Special: Joy Division – Grant Gee

When I’m not working on Directors Notes you can normally find me trying to convince anyone and everyone that they really need a film podcast. CINECITY ’07 actually listened and set me loose with a mic and contact details for some of their directors, which is how I got to spend the morning in Grant […]