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SotW: Two Laps

For Short of the Week this month I took a look at The 2011 Rushes Soho Shorts International Winner Two Laps. Currently working it’s way around the film festival circuit to great acclaim, Owen Trevor’s whimsical comedy Two Laps combines vivid cinematography with playful storytelling to create a genial short you can’t help but like. […]

Sotw: Crossover

For Short of the Week last month (yes, I almost forgot to post this) I took a look at the intricate details of Fabian Grodde’s Crossover. When creating a short about the intricate world of insects, an attention to detail is a must if the film is going to work in terms of believability and […]

SotW: City Limits

I take a look at how the fashionista get even in my Short of the Week review of Kris Moyes’ City Limits. So bad/ridiculous/over the top it’s good is a phrase you’ll often hear thrown around to describe features, but it’s not a term I can recall applying to shorts. Perhaps there’s something in the […]

SotW: Pencilface

“He’ll help you draw, he’ll help you erase; waste not want not…he’s Pencil Face.” Things get down right creepy in my Short of the Week review of Christian Simmons’ Pencilface: There are well made shorts that can stick in your mind for days, but much rarer is a short that is so God damn creepy […]

SotW Presents: A Family Portrait

Back in December El Vez shared his rediscovery of Joseph Pierce’s animated short Stand Up, which had made its initial impression after he viewed it at the London International Animation Festival in 2008. Since then Pierce has been hard at work on new piece A Family Portrait, which lays bare tensions lurking below the surface, […]

SotW: Paranoia

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re out to get you, or maybe it does? I get you looking over your shoulder in my Short of the Week review of Paranoia. I admit, there seems to be a bit of a train theme running through my picks as of late, for which I can only […]

SotW Presents: Matter Fisher

A few months ago the fine folks over at Short of the Week decided to expand their remit as one of the most read/watchable sites online and used their film The Thomas Beale Cipher as a test case to see if with the correct strategy in place, shorts can be launched online to audience numbers […]

SotW: Tune for Two

This month for Short of the Week, I deliver some dark Scandinavian humour with Gunnar Järvstad’s Tune for Two. Cold-blooded murder isn’t something you usually associate with comedy, but in this dark short from Gunnar Järvstad, a hitman-style execution is used to deliver the film’s hard-hitting punchline. Have a read and watch.      

SotW: Train of Thought

This month for Short of the Week, I get onboard Leo Bridle and Ben Thomas’ paper craft express, Train of Thought. Occupying similar (although minus the heartbreak) ground to classic ‘love and railway stations’ films such as Brief Encounter, Train of Thought is the story of a solitary traveller who dreams of his own romantic […]

SotW: In the Air

My latest entry for Short of the Week looks at In the Air by Martinus Klemet and explores the grand traditions of Estonian animation. Resembling an animated Roy Andersson movie, In the Air plays out a series of bizarre vignettes where we witness the impact television has on a dystopian society. With the “idiot box” […]

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