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Blake Bogosian Documents the Small Stories Which Make Us ‘100 Percent Human’

In his lifelong micro-documentary portrait series ‘100 Percent Human’ filmmaker Blake Bogosian documents the stories which make us who we are in beautifully direct to camera black and white. DN caught up with Bogosian to discover the production story behind the stories.

The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ ‘KIN Fables’ masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to discuss their vision for the KIN Fables journey & the near successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow them to realise that ambitious vision.

Robin Thomson Gets Us into the Gig Before the Gig with His ‘Strangely Ritual’ Series

Robin Thomson has been bringing to light the creative intimacy of the soundcheck with his Strangely Ritual series of films & today takes DN behind the scenes of his documentation of pre-gig preparation and give us an exclusive first look at his latest episode with German pianist/composer Hauschka.

Antoni Sendra Kicks off his new Series with the ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’ of Joe Strummer

Now’s the time when faced with the daunting promise of a new year stretching into the future horizon you may well be in need of a philosophical pill to cure your suffering soul of the hypermodern era. If that sounds like your flavour of elixir then the inaugural installment of Antoni Sendra’s self-actualizing ongoing series Bulletproof Thoughts is probably just what you need.

films4peace 2013: Piñata Anthony Goicolea

One of six films created for World Peace Day (21st September) as part of annual collection films4peace in which contemporary artists are commissioned to interpret peace, Anthony Goicolea’s Piñata explores the loss of identity individuals undergo when they assimilate into a large group: “In my film for films4peace I wanted to dissect this sacrificial custom, […]

Metal Headzzz

Forged in the animation fires of hell for VH1 Classic by Aaron Stewart and Tim Harrington though Mixtape Club, Metal Headzzz is a comedy series which will appeal to anyone who’s ever dreamt big about the epic powers of their yet to be formed band.

Boyfriend in a Coma | This Movie Is Fixed

Merlin Bronques continues his quest for true love amongst absinth drinking circus performers in Barcelona and Coachella festival goers in Boyfriend in a Coma and This Movie is Fixed.

Man + You Ness = ???

Combining words and simple visual motifs to belie audience expectations and perhaps challenge the assumptions many of us harbour, UK filmmaker You Ness created the Man + series as a quick entremet between his darker pieces of work, shooting the films in a single day once the concept is locked down:

94 Elements: Osmium – Fingerprints

Mid-way through last year we spoke to Mike Paterson about 94 Elements, his ambitious global filmmaking project exploring our lives through the lens of the elements. At that point in time, films for Oxygen, Copper, Gadolinium and Germanium had already been made, and Dutch documentarian Helmie Stil had just been commissioned to create a film […]

How to Disappear Completely Ep01

So many beautiful people here, even that guy isn’t sure if he’s getting laid tonight. When heartbreak has the potential to flare up at you from every corner of the city it’s time to get the fuck out of town. Merlin Bronques shows us how to forget and move on in the first episode of […]