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Exacerbated both by modernization so unchecked it has transformed the Thai central basin into a concrete jungle of industrial zones, housing estates and entertainment complexes (with little of the natural irrigation once provided by canals, forests and fields), and the man-made city ‘big bag’ wall designed to divert the northern run-off from its natural passage […]

Mourning Glory

It’s been a while since Rupert James joined us with his discombobulated salary man of A Pickled Sunday, but boy has he got serious since then. Through his production company The Human Eye Wry Corporation, Rupert’s sights have been firmly set on recent events in Bangkok. The images are gorgeous, the destruction they show not […]

DN EP 111: A Pickled Sunday – Rupert James

Director Rupert James joins us to discuss his new promo for Katsue’s debut single A Pickled Sunday and how the discipline of advertising campaigns translates to creative freedom on the film set. https://archive.org/download/DN111APickedSundayRupertJames/DN111_%20A%20Picked%20Sunday%20-%20Rupert%20James.mp3 A Pickled Sunday Materials Storyboard, Film & Production Stills Showlinks The Human Wry Corporation The Human Eye Corporation Vimeo Who’s Shooting Who […]

A Pickled Sunday – Rupert James

A Pickled Sunday (2008) The music video for Katsue’s debut single, A Pickled Sunday, starring Montonn Jira and Joni Anwar. In this tale of a disaffected salaryman, the shadow of a mundane Monday signals the death nell for the hedonism of the weekend past and throws darkness over a lazy Sunday with increasing intensity – […]

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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