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Antoni Sendra & Rodney Mullen Find Freedom in Failure in Inspirational Series ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’

Antoni Sendra returns to DN with the 3rd installment of inspirational series ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’, in which pioneering skateboarder Rodney Mullen teaches us why it’s good to be willing to fail.

Antoni Sendra Kicks off his new Series with the ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’ of Joe Strummer

Now’s the time when faced with the daunting promise of a new year stretching into the future horizon you may well be in need of a philosophical pill to cure your suffering soul of the hypermodern era. If that sounds like your flavour of elixir then the inaugural installment of Antoni Sendra’s self-actualizing ongoing series Bulletproof Thoughts is probably just what you need.

For the Love of Mountains

If like us, you have a jonesing for data visualisation (it’s a real addiction, ok!) then motion graphics designer Al Boardman has just what you need with his Visual.ly collaboration piece For the Love of Mountains.


A trio of characters bask in the sublime tritone animation style of Vincenzo Lodigiani for their final Sunset as he continues his ever inventive ▵●● series of logo animations.

TEDxTaipei 2013 Flip

Created for TEDxTaipei, Keng-Ming Liu’s 2013 Flip is a beautifully elegant dance of colour and shapes. “Six geometric icons represent the six themes – breaking through, living together, learning beyond, taking off, passing on, and carrying on – of 2013 TEDxTAIPEI. Each theme are extended from the core idea, “Flip.””

Mirza Talovic Drops the Digitalorigami Visuals

I know it’s Sunday and you’re trying to pull things back from a big weekend of non-stop partying ready for the working week ahead, but I think Mirza Talovic and his pulsating Cinema 4D / After Effects Digitalorigami Visuals will get you up on your feet for one last blast on the dance floor. Up […]

My Keynote Address

Mike Brookes lays out the core brand values which guide his design work in an impressive flow of motion graphics in My Keynote Address.

Terminal Bar

When we invited Stefan Nadelman to join us on the podcast back in 2008 for a chat about his debut music video Evil Bee, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend the first third of our time together discussing his stunning ‘interview meets motion graphics’ documentary Terminal Bar. The 22 minute film has […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The fragility of our interconnected global network and the potential spread of a pandemic which will bring about the breakdown of order are terrifyingly played out in Antibody’s launch trailer for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s multiplayer story world, Tom Clancy’s The Division


In his short animation Rafa Galeano confirms what we all know; music, coffee and cigarettes are the fuel that powers our Inspiration.

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