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DN EP 128: Copy City – Denise Hauser

Filmmaker, animator and illustrator Denise Hauser joins us to discuss how she stretched the creative limits of filmmaking with her mixed media piece Copy City, created as her final year project whilst at the RCA. https://archive.org/download/DN128CopyCityDeniseHauser/DN128_%20Copy%20City%20-%20Denise%20Hauser.mp3 Copy City Materials Production Stills Showlinks Denise Hauser Royal College of Art Copy Shop Tricky Women Festival Les E.magiciens

Copy City – Denise Hauser

Copy City (2008) Copy City is an experimental exploration into marginal worlds, having its roots in the new media development, Web 2.0 and real/virtual life.

DN EP 116: Stay in My Memory – Katy Davis

If you’re a long term DN follower you’ll know that I’ve been a fan of Katy Davis’ mixed media style of animation since she came on the show – DN037 – with her film Gobblynne. Well it’s my pleasure to have Katy back to talk about her new music video for Bim’s Stay in My […]

Stay in My Memory – Katy Davis

Stay in My Memory (2008) An animated music promo pop up adventure for Bim’s Stay in My Memory. Watch the full animation at: www.gobblynne.com or www.youtube.com/GobblynneAnimation

DN EP 114: The Life Size Zoetrope – Mark Simon Hewis

We’ve featured several animations here on Directors Notes in past two years, but Mark Simon Hewis’ The Life Size Zoetrope stands out for its shear ambition. Turning a carnival ride into the zoetrope of the title, complete with people turning the pages of flip books to create the animation is no mean feat, but luckily […]

The Life Size Zoetrope – Mark Simon Hewis

The Life Size Zoetrope (2007) The Life Size Zoetrope is the celebratory life story of one man, told via a one-take live action shot of a human zoetrope containing the film. Update: You can now watch the full film below

Moros Eros: On My Side – Jesse Ewles

Moros Eros: On My Side (2007) An urban hunter works their way through the city’s back alleys pouching balloon versions of endangered species.

DN EP 072: 8 – Benjamin Ducroz

Artist and director Benjamin Ducroz has in the past associated his work with media bondage and saturation, he joins us this week to discuss his improvised approach to tactile stop frame animation along with the balance between passion projects and paying commissions. https://archive.org/download/DN0728BenjaminDucroz/DN072%20-%208%20-%20Benjamin%20Ducroz.mp3 8 Materials Stills Showlinks ducroz.com Videodrome Via No Fat Clips

8 – Benjamin Ducroz

8 (2007) The shape that moves in space, through time changes its form and returns to its original state and place. The shape that represents measurement statistics and swiss cheese. Nothing practical, nothing didactical, just another formal experiment. No political, environmental, commercial or social motive, just another pointless animation by Benjamin Ducroz.

DN EP 067: Four Eyed Monsters – Arin Crumley & Susan Buice

Along with the great selection of films you’d expect to see, the Times BFI 51st London Film Festival, presented Power to the Pixel – The Digital Distribution Forum for Independents. Festival Director Sandra Hebron, introduced lead advocates and practitioners of digital distribution, along with filmmakers currently making digital distribution work for them. Perhaps the most […]

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