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Kickstart Lee Hardcastle’s Feature Length Claysplotation ‘SPOOK TRAIN’

If you happen to take a browse through the DN archives, it quickly becomes apparent that animation is one of our favourite forms of filmmaking, and while it’d be hard to choose one method of production ahead of the others, there’s something about the tactile feel of claymation films (not to mention an admiration for […]

DN313: Ghost Burger – Lee Hardcastle

Today we’re joined by the ridiculously prolific filmmaker Lee Hardcastle who in his own understated but ever so true words, ‘makes claymations that are not for children’s eyes‘, the latest of which is Ghost Burger, an excellent sequel to his T is for Toilet segment from the ABCs of Death. Lee joins us for a long overdue chat about his career as a filmmaker and successful YouTube channel producer, and why he’ll never insult his audience with crap filmmaking.


The melding together of some of your favourite chocolate bars could yield a taste sensation or, as in Lee Hardcastle’s #CursingCandy, an unrepeatable stream of sweet sweet swearwords.

Kill The Noise: BLVCK MVGIC (Kill the Noise Pt. 2)

A young witch extracts bloody revenge after she’s falsely accused of misdeeds by a torch bearing mob in BLVCK MVGIC, the latest stop motion gem from Lee Hardcastle for New York’s Kill The Noise. And if you happened to be wondering why Hardcastle’s promo is billed as Pt. 2, well that’s because last year Mike […]

An Alien Claymation

T is for Toilet segment director of The ABCs of Death and claymation master, Lee Hardcastle returns with An Alien Claymation, a fast paced, gruesome homage to 1950s B-Movie horror complete with bucket loads of (green) blood splatter and an eerie soundtrack which urges you to think twice about inviting aliens for tea. A father […]

Claycats Hitman Absolution

Our favourite stop motion animator of cat action sequences Lee Hardcastle, returns in a blaze of gun fire with his version of the attack of The Saints trailer for the upcoming Hitman game, retold with claymation cats.

Chainsaw Babe

Rules dictate if you’ve put out two parts of a splatter-fest horror film, a trilogy is inevitable. Goremation master Lee Hardcastle adds the sexy (and the 3d) to his Chainsaw Maid mythology with the third instalment, Chainsaw Babe.

Zombies | Chainsaw Maid 2

Super lo-fi with a charm that’s hard to resist, Lee Hardcastle has taken a break from his 60 second replays in clay to bring us horrific tales of Zombies and a Chainsaw Maid. And here’s the making of Chainsaw Maid 2

Replay in Clay

Haven’t got the time to watch classic films like Eraserhead and The Exorcist? Would prefer it if they were only 60 seconds long and made out of clay? Thought that day would never come? Luckily, Lee Hardcastle has come to the rescue.

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