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Fright Night: The Best Horror Short Films

Offering you the chance to continuously scare the bejesus out of yourself in bitesize chunks, here are our favourite jump-filled Horror short films for you to watch (from behind your hands) this Halloween.

Play Dead: The Best Zombie Short Films

Grab your chainsaws, stock-up on those necessary supplies and prepare yourself for some apocalyptic viewing with a playlist of our favourite zombie short films.

The Blood, Guts & Brains Behind Pleasure Kill’s Music Video for Psychic Rites’ ‘Singularity’

Soaked in blood and splattered in entrails, Pleasure Kill’s music video for Psychic Rites track ‘Singularity’ is no ordinary music video. Creative duo Mike Wilson and Mike Siemens set out to give us a story-based promo full of killer cars, physical effects and buckets of blood. We spoke to Mike Wilson about their approach to the video.

Joseph Catté Let’s the Fake Blood Flow in Horror Short ‘Like a Doll’

Replete with fountains of gore from its opening moments, Joseph Catté’s horror short ‘Like a Doll’ sees a young women engaged in a deadly pitched battle with a masculine entity. Joseph takes us into his blood soaked production process.

Kickstart Lee Hardcastle’s Feature Length Claysplotation ‘SPOOK TRAIN’

If you happen to take a browse through the DN archives, it quickly becomes apparent that animation is one of our favourite forms of filmmaking, and while it’d be hard to choose one method of production ahead of the others, there’s something about the tactile feel of claymation films (not to mention an admiration for […]

DN313: Ghost Burger – Lee Hardcastle

Today we’re joined by the ridiculously prolific filmmaker Lee Hardcastle who in his own understated but ever so true words, ‘makes claymations that are not for children’s eyes‘, the latest of which is Ghost Burger, an excellent sequel to his T is for Toilet segment from the ABCs of Death. Lee joins us for a long overdue chat about his career as a filmmaker and successful YouTube channel producer, and why he’ll never insult his audience with crap filmmaking.

Deader Than Dead

Isaac Ravishankara chills and impresses in equal measure with his otherworldly short Deader Than Dead

Hexis: Tenebris

Halloween may have come to a close yesterday but there was no way I could resist posting Craig Murray’s down right creepy exorcism promo for Hexis’ Tenebris

Happy Meal Horror (with a side of chainsaw)

The last time we found ourselves in the company of one of Rocky Curby’s films, we discovered that in his alternate universe, robots could rise from the grave to extract a very bloody revenge. Now, in time for Hallow’s Eve, he brings us the Maya 3D animated tale of a robot cow searching for its […]

Work Day’s Don’t Get Much Worse Than in Rick Glenn & Niles Heckman’s Sci-Fi Short ‘Supervised’

If you think your working conditions are a little draconian, your boss indifferent as to your well being and the pressure you’re under on the intense side, then console yourself that you don’t work alongside the poor operators in RFID programming laboratory 21 in Rick Glenn and Niles Heckman’s short Supervised. Having found that they […]