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Rubin Stein Executes One-Take Terror in Creepy Sibling Short ‘TIN&TINA’

Rubin Stein discusses how he executed a single shot scare in his creepy sibling short TIN&TINA.

DN326: Joseph Sims-Dennett Embraces the Voyeuristic Darkness in Horror Mystery Feature ‘Observance’

Dir. Joseph Sims-Dennett talks to DN about the anxieties of building a directing career and how he took things back to the self-initiated basics for his second feature, the dark horror mystery ‘Observance’.

Grimmfest 2015: Manchester Macabre

We round up last weekend’s scares, screams and shivers that took place at Grimmfest 2015.

This Weekend Darkness falls on Manchester at Grimmfest 2015

This weekend annual horror and cult film festival Grimmfest rises once again to send a wave of shocks and screams across Manchester. Here’s a peek at what we’re intending to scare ourselves silly with…

CROW HAND!!! & the Blood-soaked Festival-favourite filmmaking of director Brian Lonano

“Look at this weird thing on the ground. It looks like a crow!” – how the discovery of a strange object in a car-park in Florida led director Brian Lonano to create the practical FX led short ‘CROW HAND!!!’

Talking Practical FX & Inspirations with 'Bad Guy #2' director Chris McInroy

“It’s fucking fun to shoot” – director Chris McInroy is a man who obviously loves his job. He’s passionate about movies and he’s passionate about practical FX. Eager to find out a little more about his directorial approach, we spoke to the filmmaker and his blood-soaked ‘Bag Guy #2’ and his upcoming film ‘Death Metal’.

Fright Night: The Best Horror Short Films

Offering you the chance to continuously scare the bejesus out of yourself in bitesize chunks, here are our favourite jump-filled Horror short films for you to watch (from behind your hands) this Halloween.

Play Dead: The Best Zombie Short Films

Grab your chainsaws, stock-up on those necessary supplies and prepare yourself for some apocalyptic viewing with a playlist of our favourite zombie short films.

The Blood, Guts & Brains Behind Pleasure Kill’s Music Video for Psychic Rites’ ‘Singularity’

Soaked in blood and splattered in entrails, Pleasure Kill’s music video for Psychic Rites track ‘Singularity’ is no ordinary music video. Creative duo Mike Wilson and Mike Siemens set out to give us a story-based promo full of killer cars, physical effects and buckets of blood. We spoke to Mike Wilson about their approach to the video.

Joseph Catté Let’s the Fake Blood Flow in Horror Short ‘Like a Doll’

Replete with fountains of gore from its opening moments, Joseph Catté’s horror short ‘Like a Doll’ sees a young women engaged in a deadly pitched battle with a masculine entity. Joseph takes us into his blood soaked production process.

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