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Michelle Heighway Unearths the Life & Times of Britain’s Most Famous Eccentric in ‘Mr. Somebody?’

We revist our interview with documentary director Michelle Heighway for her feature debut ‘Mr. Somebody?’ – a look at the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel, and also get the low down on her current Indiegogo campaign to release a limited edition DVD and Photo Booklet of the film.

Director Alex Barrett on Composing a Modern Day Silent Film Ode to England’s Capital in ‘London Symphony’

Long time DN writer & filmmaker Alex Barrett joins us to discuss his new feature film project ‘London Symphony’, a poetic silent film about the culture and diversity of London.

ROCKBOTTOM: Songs of no Money – A Feature Documentary About Poverty & Rock´n´Roll

In his documentary ‘ROCKBOTTOM – Songs of no Money’, director Marc Helfers examines poverty and Rock´n´Roll across the globe through a diverse range of artists, all united in their struggle and their musical talent. Marc explains how the concept developed and how supporting the ‘ROCKBOTTOM’ Indiegogo campaign will help make the film a reality.

ORION Unmasked: Further Adventures in Crowdfunding with Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay’s latest feature, ORION: The Man Who Would Be King, has been waiting in the wings for several years but is now ready to take centre stage as Jeanie and her team reach out to the community with a crowdfunding campaign to help them complete the film. We asked Jeanie to give us an insight into the journey of ORION and her knowledgable perspective on running crowdfunding campaigns.

Kire Paputts Challenges Preconceptions About Special Needs Actors in ‘The Rainbow Kid’

DN alumni Kire Paputts tell us how his forthcoming feature ‘The Rainbow Kid’ bucks the norm without succumbing to lazy cinematic conventions, to tell the compelling story of a special needs teenager trying to change his life for the better.

The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ ‘KIN Fables’ masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to discuss their vision for the KIN Fables journey & the near successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow them to realise that ambitious vision.

Kickstart Lee Hardcastle’s Feature Length Claysplotation ‘SPOOK TRAIN’

If you happen to take a browse through the DN archives, it quickly becomes apparent that animation is one of our favourite forms of filmmaking, and while it’d be hard to choose one method of production ahead of the others, there’s something about the tactile feel of claymation films (not to mention an admiration for […]

Kickstart Mark Jenkin’s 16mm Featurette ‘Bronco’s House’

At the beginning of this year, we checked in with Mark to find out more about his contemplative feature Happy Christmas and the Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 manifesto he’d penned, which was to inspire a reliance on craft and process in his work. Mark’s new film Bronco’s House, a 16mm experimental narrative featurette about one man’s quest for a roof, which will be created in adherence with the SLDG13 manifesto,

Kickstart Benjamin Wigley’s Godfather of the Fantasy Coffin Documentary ‘Paa Joe & The Lion’

Nottingham director Benjamin Wigley is no stranger to the pages of DN, having joined the ranks of our interview alumni back in 2010 with his Paul Smith documentary PS Your Mystery Sender, reported back from Hot Docs in 2011, and last year gave us an early insider peek at the development process of his feature documentary Paa Joe & The Lion. Now Ben’s fast approaching the final stages of production needed to complete Paa Joe & The Lion and is reaching out to the film community with his Kickstarter campaign to help him get there:

Kickstart Rob Brown’s Debut Feature ‘Sixteen’

One of the joys DN being around for as long as we have is getting to see talented filmmakers initially featured on the site with an early short hitting their stride and jumping into the feature film production phase of their careers. The latest member of the DN alumni to do so is UK director […]