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Kid Wise: Hope

Desire steadily gives way to a dangerous obsession which friendship can’t survive in Truman & Cooper’s (Jonathan Cohen & Anthony Jorge) Hope promo for Kid Wise.

Take a Journey of Discovery with Manddy Wyckens on ‘The Longest Road’

Whilst it’s true that there’s a certain amount of satisfaction to be had from watching a film that delivers a conclusion in which questions are answered and situations resolve, not all stories need to wrap their threads up in a neat bow to be effective. It’s arguably harder to pull off a narrative in which […]


Marc-Antoine Locatelli puts together an impressive combination of Lucas Boirat’s time ramped dance moves and animated light shapes in stylish monochrome piece Nuance.

Poom: Big Bang

Axel Courtière directs a gloriously bizarre collection of sequences in the grin inducing, NSFW Big Bang promo for Poom.

Contre temps

Contre temps is another meticulously crafted film to come out of Supinfocom. Created by animation team Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Tristan Ménard, Camille Perrin, Gaël Megherbi and Lucas Veber, it tells the story of a man ruled by time and tide until he happens across someone who makes him rethink his priorities.

Bye Bye Bunny

When a global carrot crisis is sparked by the disappearance of the world’s rabbit population, a magician and his new chicken assistant try to make things right in Bye Bye Bunny; an animation from Supinfocom students Julia Bueno, Cheng Li, Catherine Lepicard, Inès Pagniez, Julien Roguet and Paul Torris.


French animator Hugo Bravo puts together an impressive visually original chase sequence in which the fragile Fragments of reality form and dissipate in reaction to the hot pursuit.

L’Enfant Intérieur

Although I had no coherent way of explaining the narrative that played through Aymeric Ayral’s Mirrored series of films there was no doubting the director’s eye for capturing beautiful imagery. That’s a talent which can be seen to continue to grow in his latest short L’Enfant Intérieur.

Tacky, Sticky & Glutinous

Make sure you’ve got a firm grip on reality before letting David Maingault submerge you in a world of dreams and frustrations teetering on the brink of insanity in his mind bending animation Tacky, Sticky & Glutinous.

Valgeir Sigurðsson: Between Monuments

Thomas Pons uncovers the beauty to be found on a building site in his poetic animation for Valgeir Sigurðsson’s Between Monuments.