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Humans Battle a Mysterious Robot Society in Kadavre Exquis’ Epic Tale of Survival ‘The Lava’

Kadavre Exquis, reunites with electro pop duo Equateur for ‘The Lava’ – an epic tale of human survival in the face of genocidal robot overlords. François takes DN behind the scenes of his colourful sci-fi saga.

Experience the Ultimate Summer Getaway with Remy Cayuela & Duke Dumont in ‘I Got U’

Cast off those Winter blues with the sound of Duke Dumont’s ‘I Got U’ and director Remy Cayuela’s ultimate getaway from it all solution, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Kendy Ty Gets His Retro Fight on in New Short ‘Smoke’

Picking up the pace with new personal project Smoke, Kendy lets his inner retro gamer loose for a beat ‘em up extravaganza which is part tribute to Drive, the 80′s and of course classic video games such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. We asked Kendy to take us through his kinetic fight fest.

Mémoires Vives (Memorium)

When we last featured the work of French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu it was for In the Shadow, his noir tale of a shadow forced to break away from its despicable owner. Mathieu returns to the darker side of things with a surreal trip to the afterlife for his newest short Mémoires Vives (Memorium).

DN304: Delicate Gravity – Philippe André

In Philippe André’s latest short Delicate Gravity, a wrong number leads to an encounter full of potential for two people who have missed something in their lives. Philippe joins us to discuss how he extended cuts to create a ‘slow dating’ film of sophistication, in which the audience has a rare opportunity to spend time with the characters as their fluke romance develops.

Sonidos Del Distrito

Commissioned by Random Acts, Nanda Fernandez Brédillard set out on a day long journey into the streets of Mexico City to capture an visual and auditory portrait of this bustling metropolis in his short documentary Sonidos Del Distrito. “The film is a conscious effort to capture both the sights and sounds of Mexico City. I […]

KN1GHT: Last Moon

In Nicolas Pomet’s neon silhouetted world, a man sets out on a dangerous ride to secure the ultimate score, all set to the electro sounds of KN1GHT’s Last Moon.

Kaly Live Dub: Allaxis

A man on the run sees his passenger seat play host to a morphing parade of increasingly bizarre passengers as he attempts to outrun his guilt in Wasaru’s animated promo for Kaly Live Dub’s Allaxis.

Eau Vive

Created over 3 months whilst at La Poudrière animation school, Mary Oldlife beautifully animates a young girl’s perspective of a family trip to the beach in Eau Vive.

Wilkinson: Afterglow

Remy Cayuela quantifies the moments which make up a five year relationship in his creative visual stats promo Afterglow for Wilkinson.

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