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DN EP 085: Hotel Harabati – Brice Cauvin

After many years working in the French film industry as an assistant director on over 35 features, Brice Cauvin decided that it was time for him to step out and direct his feature debut Hotel Harabati, which despite (or perhaps due to) problems with financing he managed to complete on his own terms, remaining true […]

Hotel Harabati – Brice Cauvin

Hotel Harabati (2006) While waiting to catch a train from Paris to Venice, French couple Philippe and Marion pick up a bag left behind by a polite, vaguely Middle Eastern man. Inside, they find neatly bound bundles of foreign currency; on the tag, it reads ‘Hotel Harabati.’ At the last moment, they decide not to […]

Hotel Harabati Competition

A few days ago it was my pleasure to interview French director Brice Cauvin about his feature debut, the excellent Hotel Harabati, which you may recall appeared in both Miss D’s and my top ten lists of 2007. I’ll be posting clips from the film and our interview in a few days, but right now […]

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