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Neil Fox Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

A strange year for me personally and professionally. Living in Cornwall now and finishing my doctorate means I’ve missed many films that would normally have contended but getting a job teaching film at a university has reinvigorated my love of cinema and leaves me excited for 2014, a year in which I hope to return […]

The Film Festival Reader

When people within my new field of Academia ask about my background I tell them I’m a screenwriter and producer, festival director and programmer, critic, blogger and now, early career academic. I approach my research and academic life with less a ‘jack of all trades’ mentality and more of a ‘transmedia, multi-platform mentality’ and so […]

DN Picks: Nov 13

Ahead of us joining the irresistible pull of festive films and best of list that dominate this last slice of the year, in November we: witnessed the resurrection of nine dead Kings, stripped away the trappings of brutal tradition, headed into the night with London Grammar, wiped the bloody slate clean, felt an astronaut’s sense of longing, revisited our formative years, experienced life after death, saw a father and son struggle to stay afloat, broke away from the daily grind, and fought the pull of the storyteller’s tale.

DN Picks: Oct 13

With a good third of our October posts focussing on the time we spent attending the London Film Festival you’d be forgiven for thinking that not much else went on round here. However that’s far from the case as we also: eavesdropped on a foulmouthed conversation, confronted a deluded soul in the woods, caught up on Rino Stefano Tagliafierro & M+A’s collaboration, fell for the love story of two World War II soldiers, got our party on, employed extreme measures to find our voice, and hummed along to the catchy song of snubbed mobiles.

London Film Festival 2013: Roundup

As I sit writing this roundup on the final day of this year’s London Film Festival, I feel the air around me haunted by a strange sense of mediocrity. It’s a funny sensation because, although there have been the inevitable disappointments, there has also been much to enjoy at the festival. And yet, for all […]

DN Picks: Sept 13

For some reason September seems to be have been our chattiest month yet, featuring interviews about ball players avoiding zombies in the countryside; primordial, albino stop motion creatures; a marooned astronaut lamenting the life he left behind; a troubled youth decaying away in obscurity; lupine parenting practices; a dancer’s hard work and dedication; a white […]

BFI London Film Festival 2013: Preview

Earlier this morning, the programme for the BFI London Film Festival 2013 was announced, and although the Twitter buzz claiming this to be one of the most exciting programmes ever seems way over the top, there’s undeniably much to get excited about – as one would hope from a programme containing over 300 features, shorts […]

DN Picks: Aug13

We’re sure by now you don’t need us to remind you that August is the month well and truly anchored by our annual screenings at the Reading & Leeds music festivals – which you can still experience from the comfort of your computer. Whilst the screenings did keep us on our toes, we still had […]

DN Picks: Jul13

You may have noticed a slight change to the look of the Picks of the Month post this time round. We decided that whilst the direct video embeds were convenient, they were also too removed from the context provided in the original posts and quite frankly, this 3×3 grid layout, topped by the podcast embed […]

Q&A with Tony Kaye, the Greatest English Director Since Hitchcock

“Tony Kaye is the Greatest English director Since Hitchcock”. Well, that’s what he thought when he took out a full page advert in the Evening Standard at the start of his career. It probably wasn’t the best way to ingratiate himself with the film and advertising community but having seen Kaye in action at the […]