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DN Picks: Aug13

We’re sure by now you don’t need us to remind you that August is the month well and truly anchored by our annual screenings at the Reading & Leeds music festivals – which you can still experience from the comfort of your computer. Whilst the screenings did keep us on our toes, we still had […]

DN Picks: Jul13

You may have noticed a slight change to the look of the Picks of the Month post this time round. We decided that whilst the direct video embeds were convenient, they were also too removed from the context provided in the original posts and quite frankly, this 3×3 grid layout, topped by the podcast embed […]

Q&A with Tony Kaye, the Greatest English Director Since Hitchcock

“Tony Kaye is the Greatest English director Since Hitchcock”. Well, that’s what he thought when he took out a full page advert in the Evening Standard at the start of his career. It probably wasn’t the best way to ingratiate himself with the film and advertising community but having seen Kaye in action at the […]

EIFF2013: Roundup Part II – Unexpected Discoveries

I ended the first part of this roundup with a discussion of Historic Centre, one of my festival highlights, before going on to say that there was one film I liked even better. That film was 36. In some ways, the two films are linked by a thematic concern with the past, and how we […]

EIFF2013: Roundup Part I – Expectations Fulfilled

When writer, film critic, and book editor Chris Fujiwara took over the role of Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in September 2011, he had a heavy weight of responsibility on his shoulders. As I discussed at the time, the 2011 edition of the festival had seen a number of changes made to […]

DN Picks: Jun13

In June we got to find out what a strange group of characters wished for and reconsidered our desire to have a wish granting phone. We took a look at the work of Connor Simpson and caught up with Ben Wheatley in A Field in England. A metal fisted dictator rose to power, Yolandi got […]

EIFF2013: What the Delegates Think

As I think my recent Returning Home piece made clear, I’m a big fan of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. But as well as sharing my thoughts about this year’s festival with you later this week, I decided to get a broader view of EIFF by asking some of the other delegates about their experiences. Here’s […]

DN Picks: May13

Animation continued its strong 2013 run on the pages of DN with David Oreilly stopping by for a ThayAreAnimators profile, an interview about a hungry corpse befriending a pigeon, a murderous bear assuming the patriarchy of a family and a study of the territorial responses of varying North Atlantic species. We also found out just […]

DN Picks: Apr13

In April we were forced to respond to the Guardian’s David Cox driving us to infuriated distraction, which coincidentally is how Subs felt about Spring Breakers. We got a prequel preview of Ryan Koo’s basketball narrative, hung out with Music Man Murray, got tired of waiting for the guy to make the first move, were […]

Spring Breakers

If you listen to MarBelle’s Trash Humpers conversation with Harmony Korine he sounds like a pretty ‘normal’ guy. His films however would tend to suggest a completely different the reality lurking just beneath the surface. It’s no secret that Korine’s work is quite divisive (if you don’t believe me check out the comments under El […]