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Spring Breakers

If you listen to MarBelle’s Trash Humpers conversation with Harmony Korine he sounds like a pretty ‘normal’ guy. His films however would tend to suggest a completely different the reality lurking just beneath the surface. It’s no secret that Korine’s work is quite divisive (if you don’t believe me check out the comments under El […]

DN Picks: Mar13

It may have been Easter but not a single rabbit hopped its way onto our pages. We did however hear about Hip Hop fakers, match crimes to fingerprints, listen to a tall tale, watch a woman pulled between lovers, fight our way out of a building, spy on masturbating puppets, get abstract about the Japanese […]

What Richard Did

I was intrigued to hear about an Irish film that appeared to be loosely based on the story of [Spoiler Alert: Don't click if you don't want to know the full synopsis!] Brian Murphy; if I was to mention that my favourite foods are roast potatoes and Taytos you can probably deduce that I’m Irish, […]

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the Catholic church is in somewhat of a quandary of late. What with the fact that it is effectively leaderless due to the departure of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the small issue of scandal which is threatening to topple the church worldwide. When I hear about a […]

DN Picks: Feb13

Last month we hunkered indoors away from the February cold with a stack of feature articles, a unicorn oneupmanship short, a stock footage stalking, animations which struggled with the speed of the planet, jumped media to battle over a pretty girl or tastefully shook their booties, then topped it all off with a prank gone […]

DN Picks: Jan13

Once the dust settled from our year end reviews and best of lists, January saw the usual line up of great films and our long running interview podcast, augmented by several in-depth articles. It’s an aspect of DN we plan to build on throughout 2013 along with, as you may have noticed below, a much […]

DN2012 – A Year in Numbers

With January 2013 marking 6 years and 7 months since Directors Notes first started sharing insights into the world of independent film, we decided to take a look back and see what 2012 had to offer…

DN Year in Review

It seems that things just get busier each year here at DN and even then we sometimes struggle to cover everything film related out there we’d like to. 2012 saw our archives become even richer in stand out content featuring; festival coverage, film reviews, podcasts and multiple daily blasts of impressive shorts, music promos, motion graphics and experimental works. It’d probably take you most of the year to work through it all, so we’ve looked back over the past 12 months and selected some of our favourite posts from 2012 to get you started. We’ve got a lot planned for 2013 so hope you’ll stick around to see what we’ve got to show you…

Safety Not Guaranteed

When a trailer pops up for a film that looks to be a melange of quirk and Nick Miller from New Girl my interest is always piqued. Safety Not Guaranteed is based upon a true advert run as a joke by a magazine worker, which sought a companion for a time travelling mission but also […]

DN Picks: Dec12

Aaaah December….the month of giving! We kicked off this most festive of months with an interview with Australian director Stuart Willis, who talked to us about creating science fiction with a soul in his ambitious short Payload, while later in the month Alan Spearman also joined us to discuss a much different but no less […]