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Kickstart Lee Hardcastle’s Feature Length Claysplotation ‘SPOOK TRAIN’

If you happen to take a browse through the DN archives, it quickly becomes apparent that animation is one of our favourite forms of filmmaking, and while it’d be hard to choose one method of production ahead of the others, there’s something about the tactile feel of claymation films (not to mention an admiration for […]

DN316: Strings – Rob Savage

A director we’ve been watching with great interest here on DN, Rob Savage’s work consistently grabs our attention. That’s why I asked him to join us on the podcast so I could discover how it all began at the tender age of 18 when he wrote, directed, edited, shot and co-produced his debut feature Strings, which depicts those quiet, awkward moments of teenage relationships we rarely get to witness on screen.

Only Lovers Left Alive

When I was younger I always feared death and wanted to live forever. As I’ve gotten older that sentiment has definitely changed. There have been times when watching TV that I’ve remarked to Mr Subs, “If I ever end up like that* take me out back and shoot me in the head please”. Imagine then, […]

Short Term 12 DVD/Blu-ray

I’ve been wanting to see Short Term 12 since MarBelle came back from last year’s London Film Festival raving about it. He interviewed director Destin Daniel Cretton back in October and, when asked if I wanted a preview copy, I said alright. Joke. I jumped at the chance. The film’s protagonist Grace (Brie Larson) works […]

American Hustle

I loved American Hustle. No, it’s not as worthy as 12 Years a Slave. No, it’s not opening up a dialogue about slavery today and how it has evolved through the ages. It’s simply the story of some people double crossing some other people and then double crossing them again, but what’s not to love […]

12 Years a Slave

As if by some contrary twist of fate MarBelle didn’t choose 12 Years a Slave as his top film of 2013 and I manage to catch it on the first day of 2014. As I expected it was another solid film for Steve McQueen. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the synopsis will have […]

DN Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

Collectively over the past few days we’ve bombarded you with hours of suggested feature film viewing, but for those of you having a hard time deciding where to begin, here’s our overall list of the top ten feature films of 2013 to start you off: 10. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES | Derek Cianfrance 9. […]

MarBelle Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

Looking over my final list I’ve noticed a conspicuous absence of documentaries, which isn’t to say that there weren’t some fantastic films which just fell outside of this final ten. OK, so now I’ve cleared my documentary conscience, here are my favourite features of 2013:

El Vez Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

Spending a lot more time watching short films this year, once again 2013 has seen my feature film viewing decrease somewhat from previous years – making this annual compilation process considerably easier this year. I’m sure there are some glaring omissions but these are the ones I watched and the ones I loved:

Miss D Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

I’ve hardly done any film this year. Instead I’ve been seriously hooked on TV – Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Returned, Game of Thrones, Top of the Lake, The Walking Dead, Orange Is the New Black and The Good Wife to name just a few. Little time for film you see, but I promise to try harder next year.