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Director Alex Barrett on Composing a Modern Day Silent Film Ode to England’s Capital in ‘London Symphony’

Long time DN writer & filmmaker Alex Barrett joins us to discuss his new feature film project ‘London Symphony’, a poetic silent film about the culture and diversity of London.

New Joys: The Wonder of Kelly Reichardt

Reichardt is not a great female director. She is a great director. Period. Seeing her work collected together is a reminder that she is a supreme chronicler of modern humanity…We take a look at Soda Picture’s Kelly Reichardt Blu-ray collection & new cinema release ‘Night Moves’.

DN319: Hide And Seek – Joanna Coates

Director Joanna Coates joins us ahead of her debut feature Hide And Seek’s world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival to discuss her raw take on the current crisis in youth culture.

Florian Habicht’s Pulp Documentary Reveals the Nice Folks Behind the Music That Unites the Common People

There’s the sense that this film is for the ‘fans’ – whatever that really means as I think the film has the power to convert – but in the case of the band Pulp who are the subject of this whimsical and good-natured documentary it feels pertinent because wasn’t it ever thus?

DN318: The Knife That Killed Me – Kit Monkman & Marcus Romer

DN talks to directors Kit Monkman and Marcus Romer about their adaptation of Anthony McGowan’s best selling novel ‘The Knife That Killed Me’, shot entirely on green screen.

“There’s an Event Going on in There” – For No Good Reason: A Documentary About Ralph Steadman

You either know Ralph Steadman’s work or you don’t. You either like it or you don’t. You either see it or you don’t. For those who think of him only as Hunter S. Thompson’s cartoonist this new documentary should shine a light on his incredible life as a passionate and singular artist but like his art, it will likely not be for everyone…

Sean Dunne Explores the Lives of Internet Sex Workers in New Documentary ‘Cam Girlz’

Eager to make a film about women that challenge the establishment, we talk to director Sean Dunne about his latest documentary ‘Cam Girlz’ – a feature exploring the lives of women working in the internet sex industry.

Gruff Rhys Journeys into the Transmedia Landscape of the ‘American Interior’

The latest adventure by sonic explorer Gruff Rhys is an exceptional example of cross-platform storytelling where each individual element adds something unique to the whole…

ROCKBOTTOM: Songs of no Money – A Feature Documentary About Poverty & Rock´n´Roll

In his documentary ‘ROCKBOTTOM – Songs of no Money’, director Marc Helfers examines poverty and Rock´n´Roll across the globe through a diverse range of artists, all united in their struggle and their musical talent. Marc explains how the concept developed and how supporting the ‘ROCKBOTTOM’ Indiegogo campaign will help make the film a reality.

ORION Unmasked: Further Adventures in Crowdfunding with Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay’s latest feature, ORION: The Man Who Would Be King, has been waiting in the wings for several years but is now ready to take centre stage as Jeanie and her team reach out to the community with a crowdfunding campaign to help them complete the film. We asked Jeanie to give us an insight into the journey of ORION and her knowledgable perspective on running crowdfunding campaigns.