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DN LFF2013: Northwest – Michael Noer

Danish director Michael Noer’s newest feature Northwest depicts just how fast petty disputes can spiral out of control for a pair of brothers caught up in Copenhagen’s criminal underworld. Michael joins us to explain how he mixes loose improvisation with tight script takes and how off-screen action can be used to initiate the ‘inner cinema’ of the audience.

DN LFF2013: Teenage – Matt Wolf

There used to be a time when there was no buffer between the stages of child and adult and although we take it for granted today, adolescents had to fight hard against parents and authorities for their place in the world. In his living collage documentary Teenage, Matt Wolf plays out a filmic mix tape which charts the development of the role of the teenager within society.

Talking Genre Movies, Budgets & Zombie Masturbation with ‘The Battery’ Director Jeremy Gardner

With World War Z ranking as one of highest grossing movies of 2013 and The Walking Dead pulling in over 12 million viewers in its Series 3 finale (which aired earlier this year), the zombie genre shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. It’s no secret to regular visitors to DN that we’re big fans […]

DN300: The Battery – Jeremy Gardner

The brief description which reads, two former baseball players trying to survive a zombie apocalypse may be serviceable as a short synopsis for Jeremy Gardner’s debut feature The Battery, but it in no way conveys the inventive originality or measured directing assurance which imbues every frame of the film. Thankfully Jeremy is on hand to do that in our interview this week.

RCA Animation 2013: Show and Tell

With the 2013 RCA Graduate Exhibition having recently taken place, DN was lucky enough to get a look at the recent batch of animated shorts coming out of the college. We spoke to four recent graduates of the animation programme to find out more about their final RCA films, production processes and their time at the prestigious school.

DN293: Stress Position – A.J. Bond

Could you survive a week of Guantanamo Bay like psychological torture? Canadian director A.J. Bond returns to DN with new feature Stress Position; a mind boggling mix of documentary and fiction in which he and actor David Amito test their fortitude, friendship and sanity.

Kickstart Rob Brown’s Debut Feature ‘Sixteen’

One of the joys DN being around for as long as we have is getting to see talented filmmakers initially featured on the site with an early short hitting their stride and jumping into the feature film production phase of their careers. The latest member of the DN alumni to do so is UK director […]

Oxyana – A transition from Short Film to Feature with Sean Dunne

With Oxyana having won the Best New Documentary Director award at this year’s Tribeca festival, DN favourite Sean Dunne looks to have made the difficult transition from short film to feature with striking results. First featured on the site over three years ago, when we discovered his engrossing short documentary work on Vimeo, we were […]

DN291: A Field in England – Ben Wheatley

On the 5th July A Field In England will simultaneously hit cinemas, Film4, VOD, and be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray; you can find full details on your preferred viewing method after the jump. Links 5vlf

DN284: A Picture of the Three of Us – Jared Varava

When D.C. band These United States set out on their six week tour that would see them play 33 shows in 33 cities with 33 different lineups, they asked director Jared Varava to come along and document their herculean adventure