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DN302: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton – Jeff Broadway & Rob Bralver

After teasing the project a year ago on the podcast, Jeff Broadway and Rob Bralver return to DN with their latest feature documentary, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton; a deep dig into Stones Throw Records, the passion fuelled, avant-garde label founded by DJ Peanut Butter Wolf. Jeff & Rob join us to discuss picking up and reforming the movie from another team of filmmakers and mining Peanut Butter Wolf’s extensive archival footage, as well as the label’s collection of enigmatic artists, to craft a film which conveys both the ethos and history behind Stones Throw.

Kickstart Benjamin Wigley’s Godfather of the Fantasy Coffin Documentary ‘Paa Joe & The Lion’

Nottingham director Benjamin Wigley is no stranger to the pages of DN, having joined the ranks of our interview alumni back in 2010 with his Paul Smith documentary PS Your Mystery Sender, reported back from Hot Docs in 2011, and last year gave us an early insider peek at the development process of his feature documentary Paa Joe & The Lion. Now Ben’s fast approaching the final stages of production needed to complete Paa Joe & The Lion and is reaching out to the film community with his Kickstarter campaign to help him get there:

DN LFF2013: Afternoon Delight – Jill Soloway

In Jill Soloway’s psychosexual comedy Afternoon Delight, a married mother decides it’s her duty to rescue a stripper but along the way discovers that the person most in need of rescue is herself. Jill joins us to discuss how the project shifted tone after the filming of a key scene and playing against cinematic conventions by exploring a narrative through the heroine’s journey.

DN LFF2013: The Kids from the Port – Alberto Morais

The first time we spoke to Spanish director Alberto Morais it was to discuss a journey taken by the old in The Waves. Alberto returns to the London Film Festival this year with yet another journey film; this time undertaken by the young on behalf of the old in The Kids from the Port. We caught up with Alberto again to discuss directing child actors and the difficulties of filmmaking in a country that has little regard for homegrown artistic culture.

DN LFF2013: Hide Your Smiling Faces – Daniel Patrick Carbone

Playing out over a nature rich, fragmented dreamlike structure, Daniel Patrick Carbone’s first feature Hide Your Smiling Faces beautifully brings the spiritual truth of young men facing questions of mortality and their relationships with themselves and each other to screen. We talk to Daniel about getting the best performances from a young cast and channeling past experiences into a narrative.

LFF2013: Joe Swanberg Gets His Brew on for 'Drinking Buddies'

With his new film Drinking Buddies, mumblecore pioneer Joe Swanberg returns for the sixth time to the London Film Festival. The film is Swanberg’s fifteenth feature, and finds him working on his biggest scale to date, with named actors and rising cinematographer Ben Richardson along for the ride. The film tells the story of two co-workers at a Chicago brewing plant who seem to be drifting closer and closer together – despite both being in relationships. During the festival, I sat down with Swanberg to find out more about the film and the working methods behind it.

DN LFF2013: Salvo – Fabio Grassadonia & Antonio Piazza

Making the jump from writers and script consultants to the tandem directors’ chair, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza channelled their frustrations from years of writing for others into the taut debut feature Salvo. We spoke to the pair about depicting physical and moral blindness onscreen through a mix of stylised POV camera work and rich, multilayered sound design.

DN LFF2013: The Enemy Within – Yorgos Tsemberopoulos

In Yorgos Tsemberopoulos’ 5th feature The Enemy Within, an intellectual is forced to re-evaluate his assumptions when violence invades his home and shakes his family to the core. Yorgos joins us to discuss his multi-decade spanning filmmaking career and the current state of Greek cinema.

DN LFF2013: Lifelong – Asli Özge

Director Asli Özge switches from the documentary style we saw in her debut feature Men on the Bridge back at the London Film Festival 2009 for the more measured, meticulously composed style of new feature Lifelong, which charts the steady dissolution of a bourgeois marriage. We caught up with Asli again to discuss crafting a script where what is left unsaid is just as important as the lines delivered on screen.

DN LFF2013: Short Term 12 – Destin Daniel Cretton

Adapted from his earlier successful short of the same name, Destin Daniel Cretton’s feature Short Term 12 tells the story of a 20-something supervising staff member of a foster care facility and the troubled relationships which fill her life. We caught up with Destin at the London Film Festival to try and discover the formulae for his filmmaking emotional math equations and sign up for his first date questions service.