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DN317: Echo – Lewis Arnold

With Lewis Arnold’s short film ‘Echo’ being released online just over a week ago, it seemed the perfect excuse to delve even deeper into the director’s time at the National Film and Television School and the creation of his repetitive compulsion narrative.

Kire Paputts Challenges Preconceptions About Special Needs Actors in ‘The Rainbow Kid’

DN alumni Kire Paputts tell us how his forthcoming feature ‘The Rainbow Kid’ bucks the norm without succumbing to lazy cinematic conventions, to tell the compelling story of a special needs teenager trying to change his life for the better.

The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ ‘KIN Fables’ masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to discuss their vision for the KIN Fables journey & the near successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow them to realise that ambitious vision.

Anxiety, Hair Loss & Odd Dreams Fall Under Luiz Stockler’s Spotlight in ‘Montenegro’

RCA animation graduate & award-winning director Luiz Stockler joins us to talk about the concept of his unusual short film Montenegro.

DN316: Strings – Rob Savage

A director we’ve been watching with great interest here on DN, Rob Savage’s work consistently grabs our attention. That’s why I asked him to join us on the podcast so I could discover how it all began at the tender age of 18 when he wrote, directed, edited, shot and co-produced his debut feature Strings, which depicts those quiet, awkward moments of teenage relationships we rarely get to witness on screen.

Matt Lambert Explores the Intersection of Sexuality & Digital Culture in ‘MEAT’

What can I say about filmmaker Matt Lambert that hasn’t been enthused multiple times on the pages of DN before? Instead, you’re probably better off immediately jumping into the sensual ride of his backroom internet short MEAT – the result of a collaboration between Matt and Swedish artist Thomas Bo Nilsson, and an ancillary piece […]

One for Dancing & One for a Rainy Day, Carlos Lopez Estrada on Kangaroo Court/Short

Take a film packed full of visual flair, social commentary and kick ass dance moves from a zebra then make it a music video & a standalone film and you’ve got Carlos Lopez Estrada’s ‘Kangaroo Court/Short’ duo of films. We get Carlos to tell us all about his double act.

Only Lovers Left Alive

When I was younger I always feared death and wanted to live forever. As I’ve gotten older that sentiment has definitely changed. There have been times when watching TV that I’ve remarked to Mr Subs, “If I ever end up like that* take me out back and shoot me in the head please”. Imagine then, […]

Dystopian Worlds & Coen Brothers Inspiration in Max Lincoln’s ‘Thyme’

If the aim of a graduation film is to impress your audience with stunning production design and a unique plot, then Arts University Bournemouth alumni Max Lincoln has certainly succeeded with his short film ‘Thyme’. Set in a dystopian 50’s world inspired by the Coen Brothers cult classic The Hudsucker Proxy, this is the tale of dedicated employee Shaun and how a magical pot of thyme makes him reconsider how to spend his precious time.

DN315: Whale Valley – Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

Set against the majestic, rugged backdrop of the Icelandic landscape, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s short Whale Valley depicts the powerful bond held by two brothers. Guðmundur joins us to discuss how Whale Valley grew for an imagine of brotherly ‘rough love’ and how an extensive pre-production period freed him from over thinking on set and opened up the possibilities for inspiration.