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Only Lovers Left Alive

When I was younger I always feared death and wanted to live forever. As I’ve gotten older that sentiment has definitely changed. There have been times when watching TV that I’ve remarked to Mr Subs, “If I ever end up like that* take me out back and shoot me in the head please”. Imagine then, […]

Dystopian Worlds & Coen Brothers Inspiration in Max Lincoln’s ‘Thyme’

If the aim of a graduation film is to impress your audience with stunning production design and a unique plot, then Arts University Bournemouth alumni Max Lincoln has certainly succeeded with his short film ‘Thyme’. Set in a dystopian 50’s world inspired by the Coen Brothers cult classic The Hudsucker Proxy, this is the tale of dedicated employee Shaun and how a magical pot of thyme makes him reconsider how to spend his precious time.

DN315: Whale Valley – Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

Set against the majestic, rugged backdrop of the Icelandic landscape, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s short Whale Valley depicts the powerful bond held by two brothers. Guðmundur joins us to discuss how Whale Valley grew for an imagine of brotherly ‘rough love’ and how an extensive pre-production period freed him from over thinking on set and opened up the possibilities for inspiration.

Short Term 12 DVD/Blu-ray

I’ve been wanting to see Short Term 12 since MarBelle came back from last year’s London Film Festival raving about it. He interviewed director Destin Daniel Cretton back in October and, when asked if I wanted a preview copy, I said alright. Joke. I jumped at the chance. The film’s protagonist Grace (Brie Larson) works […]

Take a Look at Modern Loneliness in 'Mouth Wide Open, Ears Shut Tight'

Winning over festival audiences worldwide and picking up several awards along the way, Emlly Noy and Tom Madar’s graduation film from Israel’s Sapir Academic College, Mouth Wide Open, Ears Shut Tight, tells the story of a shy, voiceless woman who lives a solitary life with only her fish for companionship. DN caught up with Tom […]

DN314: Seagulls – Martin Smith

In his dramatic short Seagulls, director Martin Smith explores the superficial yet insurmountable cultural bonds which prevent a newly arrived young showman from finding a place amongst his local peers. We sat down with Martin to discuss the importance of authenticity to his process and why a watery jump could have spelt the end of his directing career.

Christopher Bell Considers the Role of the Substitute Parent in ‘Bridges’

Watching Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo feature at the London Film Festival last year I was struck by one of the film’s central tenets – if you subcontract out the parenting of your child to a babysitter or nanny, a person who by definition you actively want to form a strong bond with your child, does […]

Paul Speirs Makes the Personal Universal in Visual Poem ‘There is No End’

Editor turned director Paul Speirs “unravels the patterns of conditioning that create the unmanaged expectations we take into life and love”, by use of rich cinematography and a well chosen accompanying monologue in his visual poem ‘There is no End’.

DN312: Good Night – Muriel d’Ansembourg

In her coming of age short Good Night, Muriel d’Ansembourg mines the rich vein of dark teenage life experience whilst sidestepping the all too obvious route of the morality tale. Muriel joins us to discuss the dramatic change of career trajectory a BAFTA nomination provides and why a film’s most important scenes can sometimes be the most uncomfortable to shoot.

DN British Shorts Film Festival 2014 Screening

A regular and much anticipated fixture on the DN film calendar, yesterday saw this year’s Lichtspielklub, British Shorts film festival come to a regretful close for another year. Over its four day run the festival presented ‘the most exciting, funniest, strangest and most thrilling short films from the home of dirty weather’, and of course […]