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Claire Kurylowski Calls Everyday Sexism into Question in her Powerful Short ‘In Real Life’

Filmmaker Claire Kurylowski enters the debate about pervasive sexism with her feminist social enquiry short ‘In Real Life’. She joins us to discuss what spurred her into action & the narrative power of the close-up.

Jeroen Bogaert Challenges Audience Assumptions in Thought-Provoking Short Film ‘Early Birds’

Director Jeroen Bogaert provides an insight into the origins of his narrative and his approach to production, in this behind the scenes look at his London Film School short ‘Early Birds’.

DN319: Hide And Seek – Joanna Coates

Director Joanna Coates joins us ahead of her debut feature Hide And Seek’s world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival to discuss her raw take on the current crisis in youth culture.

Crossing Genres Across a Culture of Subtraction in Ramón Ayala’s Fashion Sci-Fi Short ‘People Like Us’

Ramón Ayala discusses how his fashion film commission ‘People Like Us’ transformed beyond the genre into a sci-fi tinged improvised meditation on enduring love, culpability and ‘otherness’.

The Spirit of Reconciliation as Captured in Chris Shepherd’s Dramatic Short ‘The Ringer’

Resisting the urge to talk to exclusively about his work on the “Stareout” section of cult comedy show ‘Big Train’, we took the opportunity to talk to director Chris Shepherd about his latest short film ‘The Ringer’, the magic of live screenings and what he’s working on next (including a sequel to ‘Dad’s Dead’).

Surviving a Surprise Satanic Sex Party with ‘Black And White’ Director Richard Williamson

“Surviving a surprise sex party with your soul intact is tough.” DN speaks to Richard Williamson, director of wickedly dark psychological short ‘Black and White’.

Rémy Bazerque Experiments with the Tonal Shifts of Comedy & Suspense in Short Film ‘Happy Hour’

Director Rémy Bazerque and producer Tibo Travers join DN to discuss their short film ‘Happy Hour’, a stylistic experiment in tone and audience expectation.

DN318: The Knife That Killed Me – Kit Monkman & Marcus Romer

DN talks to directors Kit Monkman and Marcus Romer about their adaptation of Anthony McGowan’s best selling novel ‘The Knife That Killed Me’, shot entirely on green screen.

Matt Lambert’s Alpha Dog Brings Trouble & Strife to Berlin’s Pre-Unification Generation in ‘Die Alphatier Trilogie’

Matt’s latest assault on refined sensibilities is ‘Die Alphatier Trilogie’ – a triplet of shorts created for actor turned musician Westernhagen, which chart the clash of Berlin’s pre and post-unification generations as embodied by the destructive journey of the malefic Alpha Dog. Matt clues us into the production process behind the trilogy.

Repressed Emotions Boil Over in Chris Shimojima’s ‘6-minute Mom’

In Chris Shimojima’s ‘6-minute Mom’, a woman reconnects with her absent mother and discovers that even the sturdiest of emotional walls can be breached. DN speaks to Chris about the challenges of visualising the internal conflict a character is desperately trying to hide.