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Charles Chintzer Lai Stays Up All Night with New Romantic Drama ‘Insomniacs’

The seeming tranquility of a slumbering city in the early hours of morning holds little peace for the sleep deprived pair at the centre of Charles Chintzer Lai’s romantic drama Insomniacs, as the frustrations of forced wakefulness compel them to confront feelings of isolation and share their deepest fears. As Insomniacs begins its festival journey […]

Dan Kokotajlo Talks Improvisation & Fractured Timelines in His Relationship Disaster Short ‘Off Yer ‘Ead’

As we all know, the course of new romance can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows – the hesitant getting to know you nervousness of the first date, the intriguing will you won’t you of that first kiss, the gut wrenching ‘end of the world’ blow of the first argument. It’s a perilous […]

American Hustle

I loved American Hustle. No, it’s not as worthy as 12 Years a Slave. No, it’s not opening up a dialogue about slavery today and how it has evolved through the ages. It’s simply the story of some people double crossing some other people and then double crossing them again, but what’s not to love […]

DN311: Dog Meet Goose – Jon Bryant Crawford

Jon Bryant Crawford’s short Dog Meet Goose is awkward, uncomfortable cinema at its best. We sit down with Jon to find out what it’s like to have actors turn up to casting just to tell you how offensive your script is and the joy of creating a piece of cinema powerful enough to make audiences squirm in their seats.

12 Years a Slave

As if by some contrary twist of fate MarBelle didn’t choose 12 Years a Slave as his top film of 2013 and I manage to catch it on the first day of 2014. As I expected it was another solid film for Steve McQueen. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the synopsis will have […]

DN310: Some Things Mean Something – Dee Meaden

Writer, Director & Producer Dee Meaden joins us to discuss the dramatic importance of the small moment and how avoiding the dangers of over producing led to a freedom to challenge herself as a filmmaker on her new short Some Things Mean Something.

A Vulpine Twilight World Beckons in Lorcan Finnegan’s ‘Foxes’

Following an impressive festival run, Lorcan Finnegan’s foreboding short Foxes makes its online debut today so we took the opportunity to sit down with the director for a discussion about Ireland’s ghost estates and the challenges of wrangling vulpine performers.


Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner’s graduate thesis animation Abita, poignantly tells the story of Fukushima children who dream of being able to play in an outside denied to them because of radioactivity.

DN309: Hatch – Christoph Kuschnig

On a wintry Vienna night a newborn baby hangs in the balance of being wanted and being abandoned by two desperate couples in Christoph Kuschnig’s award winning short Hatch. Christoph joins us to discuss the challenges of directing a short whose schedule was dictated by its newborn actors and why characters don’t need to be likeable to be compelling.

Kendy Ty Gets His Retro Fight on in New Short ‘Smoke’

Picking up the pace with new personal project Smoke, Kendy lets his inner retro gamer loose for a beat ‘em up extravaganza which is part tribute to Drive, the 80′s and of course classic video games such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. We asked Kendy to take us through his kinetic fight fest.