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DN LFF2014: Duane Hopkins Examines the Lives of England’s Abandoned Classes in ‘Bypass’

In the first of our interviews from the 58th BFI London Film Festival we talk to director Duane Hopkins about his exploration of the lives of England’s abandoned classes in his second feature ‘Bypass’.

Humanising the Struggle of America’s Undocumented Workers in Camille Stochitch’s ‘Interstate’

We speak to Director Camille Stochitch about the development and production of her Student Academy Award-winning and BAFTA nominated short film about undocumented workers ‘Interstate’.

Jih-E Peng & Guy Pooles Capture the Pain of Early Heartbreak in Short Film ‘The Light and the Little Girl’

Director of Photography Jih-E Peng penned a gentle story of early heartbreak for his short film ‘The Light and the Little Girl’. He joins us with director Guy Pooles to discuss how they went about capturing the ‘girl’s eye-view’ of this burgeoning, delicate romance.

Anthony Aguiar Delivers a Genre Hopping Ghost Story in Short Film ‘Cypress’

Shot in the true spirit of an indie production with a tiny crew and minimal gear, Anthony Aguiar’s short film Cypress slowly reveals itself to be a ghost story that’s hard to pin down as it traverses genres as the narrative unfolds. We invited Aguiar to lift the veil on his otherworldly production. How did […]

New Joys: The Wonder of Kelly Reichardt

Reichardt is not a great female director. She is a great director. Period. Seeing her work collected together is a reminder that she is a supreme chronicler of modern humanity…We take a look at Soda Picture’s Kelly Reichardt Blu-ray collection & new cinema release ‘Night Moves’.

Melissa Anastasi Takes a Meditative Look at Life, Loss and Longing in ‘This Feral Life’

Melissa Anastasi’s ‘This Feral Life’ is the powerful story of Mia’s headlong dive into debauchery as she attempts to deal with life, loss and longing in a small country Australian town. Anastasi joins us to discuss adapting Julia-Rose Lewis’ theatre monologue for screen and the importance of emotional truth and tone in storytelling.

nautico Reveal the Subtle Stories of Characters Rarely Seen in Short Film ‘Brady’

nautico’s short film ‘Brady’ illustrates the rich narratives we as audiences get to enjoy when filmmakers step outside of narrative conventions. John Heeg of nautico joins us to discuss the inspiration behind Brady and nautico’s subtle approach to the storytelling.

Corentin Kopp Takes a Canadian Busman’s Holiday for his Sisters Abroad Short ‘Montreal’

We have a long overdue catchup with director Corentin Kopp to find out about his holiday filmmaking exploits for his sisters abroad short film ‘Montreal’.

Claire Kurylowski Calls Everyday Sexism into Question in her Powerful Short ‘In Real Life’

Filmmaker Claire Kurylowski enters the debate about pervasive sexism with her feminist social enquiry short ‘In Real Life’. She joins us to discuss what spurred her into action & the narrative power of the close-up.

Jeroen Bogaert Challenges Audience Assumptions in Thought-Provoking Short Film ‘Early Birds’

Director Jeroen Bogaert provides an insight into the origins of his narrative and his approach to production, in this behind the scenes look at his London Film School short ‘Early Birds’.