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Exploring the Boundaries of Elliptical Storytelling in Maria Pia Fanigliulo’s Short ‘Fragments of May’

Director Maria Pia Fanigliulo discusses how she approached crafting an elliptical tale of a young woman battling mental illness in her new short film ‘Fragments of May’.

Navigating the Twists & Turns of Armen Antranikian’s Psychosexual Short ‘The Girlfriend Game’

Director Armen Antranikian guides us through the production twists and turns of his erotic thriller ‘The Girlfriend Game’ and explains why movies and sex are the best of (conceptual) bedfellows.

‘She Wolf’ or How we Ended up in Argentina Without Any Wolves

Awarding-winning directing duo Aggressive take DN behind the scenes of ‘She Wolf’, their new enigmatic tale of haunted consciences, reincarnation and therianthropy.

Bringing Change to an Unchanging World in Ani Simon-Kennedy’s Silent Feature ‘Days of Gray’

DN caught up with Director Ani Simon-Kennedy to discover just how she crafted her silent, feature length post-apocalyptic tale of a world without hope in the wilds of Iceland.

Rémy Bazerque Traps us in his Modern Mythological Punishment Short ‘Cerberus’

DN caught up with Rémy Bazerque to discuss how he got the collective penny to drop for his new short ‘Cerberus’, a modern take on the mythological eternal punishments narrative.

Ronin Animator Eric Power Cuts a Stop Motion ‘Path of Blood’ to his Debut Feature

Ronin animator Eric Power joins DN for an interview about the 3 year solo journey he undertook to complete his debut paper stop motion feature ‘Path of Blood’.

Hannu Aukia’s Exposes the Fragility of Modern Romantic Relationships in Short Film ‘Helsinki-Turku’

Director Hannu Aukia’s talks to DN about how he turned a ‘vibe’ between actors into a deeply affecting short about the fragility of modern romantic relationships in his short film ‘Helsinki-Turku’.

Eric Kolelas Finds Tenderness at the End of the World in ‘Hold’

Actor/Director Eric Kolelas returns to DN to share the inspiration which led him to subvert the typical post-apocalyptic narrative in his new short film ‘Hold’.

Food Dwelling Ghosts & Bears on Bicycles, Welcome to Gus Péwé’s Askew Short ‘Same Ghost Every Night’

Director Gus Péwé tells DN how he used the happy accident of unscripted moments as the creative lifeblood for his charmingly askew short ‘Same Ghost Every Night’.

Striping Back Filmmaking’s Safety Nets to Create an Authentic Short in Dee Meaden’s ‘Sibling’

DN caught up with Director Dee Meaden ahead of her short ‘Sibling’s’ LSFF screening to discover how working without the usual production safety nets created an environment of creative risks and authentic performances.