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Batman versus The Terminator

Whilst fans films aren’t usually my favourite sub-category in the short film world, it’s fair to say not every one combines the dark crime-fighting world of Gotham’s Batman with the robot-filled apocalyptic universe of The Terminator.

It’s Called “Moon”

Fears of inspiration being merely a fleeting partner provided the creative spark for Emanuele Kabu’s previous short Mail, and once again the filmmaker turns frustration (this time insomnia) on its head and into an alluring piece of animation in It’s Called “Moon”:


Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner’s graduate thesis animation Abita, poignantly tells the story of Fukushima children who dream of being able to play in an outside denied to them because of radioactivity.

Goodbye Mister de Vries

A nonagenarian seeing out his remaining lonely days receives a package that sends him on his way to great beyond with happy memories of times gone by in Mascha Halberstad’s delightful stop motion film Goodbye Mister de Vries.

Anoice: Autumn Waltz

Ink and choreographed motion interplay beautifully in Alan Kępski and Marcin Klinger’s sublimely graceful film for Anoice’s Autumn Waltz.

Ninjas vs Superbugs – Adventures in Nanomedicine

If you thought nanomedicine wasn’t a field packed full of rocket-resistant monsters battling it out against heroic polymers to decide the fate of a terrified community of cells, then you obviously haven’t watched Nico Casavecchia’s infectiously entertaining Ninjas vs Superbugs – Adventures in Nanomedicine, created for IBM Research. If only all science was this much […]

Mémoires Vives (Memorium)

When we last featured the work of French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu it was for In the Shadow, his noir tale of a shadow forced to break away from its despicable owner. Mathieu returns to the darker side of things with a surreal trip to the afterlife for his newest short Mémoires Vives (Memorium).


In Josh Lopata’s emotion filled stop motion thesis short Fade, when death comes calling a young boy battles to hold on to the father he loves so dearly.

An Unfair Game

With lucrative TV deals hitting record highs year on year, swelling football club coffers alongside their other revenue streams, it seems perplexingly unfair that the humble football fan of the ultimate working man’s game gets their wallet fleeced every time they want to support their team. A fan of the beautiful game herself, Kris Hofmann […]

Femme En Fourrure: Pretty Boy

If this year’s onslaught of twerking rears got to be a little too much for you then you may well want to skip the gyration packed promo from Miikka Lommi for Femme En Fourrure’s Pretty Boy, which although NSFW is actualy tame by Lommi’s usual standards.