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Matt Strachan 2011 Top Ten

I’m a big fan of top ten lists and their assorted brethren (best of this, top twenty that, pre-mortem 1001 something or other). They don’t have the best of reputations these days, thanks to cynical examples such as 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die and the omnipresent TV fodder that counts ITV2’s […]

Rachel Goodrich: Light Bulb

As the hip-hop video and its all too familiar touchstones (big-shaky-ass-car-wash anyone?) continues to proliferate beyond excess, it’s refreshing to see someone put them to good incongruous use. Lucas Leyva does just that in his promo for Rachel Goodrich’s Light Bulb, contrasting her sweet voice and “vaudeville-inspired indie pop” sound with enough gritty urbanity to […]

EIFF2011: Tomboy

What happens if you take Kimberly Peirce’s Oscar-winning Boys Don’t Cry, exchange small town America for the suburbs of Paris and make Hilary Swank’s character a ten year old girl? You pretty much get Céline Sciamma’s Berlin-winning Tomboy – a beautifully shot evocation of childhood that delicately explores a fledgling identity crisis and manages to […]

EIFF2011: Jack Goes Boating

Philip Goes Film Directing, finally, and it turns out he’s pretty darn good at it. After several years of directing theatre, predominantly (if not exclusively) for New York’s LAByrinth Theater Company, Philip Seymour Hoffman entered into his cinematic directorial debut relatively lightly (a ‘why not?’ moment, by all accounts) during talks about adapting Jack Goes […]

EIFF2011: My Brothers

Perhaps if Paul Fraser – writing partner of choice as far as Shane Meadows is concerned, having helped pen Dead Man’s Shoes, A Room for Romeo Brass and all of Somers Town (to name but a few) – had played to his obvious strengths as well as his loftier career ambitions, his directorial debut may […]

Countdown to Zero

Even if you don’t quite buy the American version of events, it’s hard to deny that the death of Osama bin Laden earlier this year was, to all intents and purposes, good news. But not for Lucy Walker. The director’s latest documentary Countdown to Zero – about the history of the atomic bomb, the escalating […]

The Messenger

The adage is such a part of the fabric of filmmaking these days, that it’s hard to know if Akira Kurosawa originated or articulately restated it when he said: “With a good script, a good director can produce a masterpiece. With the same script, a mediocre director can produce a passable film. But with a […]

Le Quattro Volte

Inanimate objects and cinema have never been the very best of friends. Despite attempts to personify them, some better than others (Ramin Bahrani’s 18 minute film about the epic, existential journey of a Plastic Bag – made human through the voice of Werner Herzog – has to be one of the few exceptions that prove […]

Win Win

Win Win isn’t a bad way of describing director Tom McCarthy’s career behind the camera to date, although Win Nominate might be slightly more awards-accurate. His superb debut The Station Agent (2003) won the BAFTA for Best Screenplay and pretty much cleaned up at Sundance (winning the Audience Award, Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and a […]

RE:PLAY Films 01

The collective DN obsession with DANIELS after Pigeons and Simple Math is something we’ll be seeking professional help for soon. It did, however, inevitably lead us to Puppets – a short film commissioned by F5 (created by Motionographer founder Justin Cone and former OFFF Executive Producer Carlos El Asmar) for last month’s Happy F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival […]

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