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Jeanie Finlay Top Ten Feature Films of 2015

You might think that Jeanie Finlay would have been too busy in 2015 with the release of her music doc ‘Orion’ and its BIFA win to have watched anyone else’s films, but she did and DN gets to reap the rewards of her cinematic dedication in the her 2015 Top Top list.

Jeanie Finlay Top Ten Feature Films of 2014

It’s been a focused and hectic year of getting my head down and working on two new films. Not being on the road showing a project, as I have been in recent years means I’ve been able to do what I like best – actually making the films! Anyway, with all that in mind here is my “sticking to the rules” top ten.

ORION Unmasked: Further Adventures in Crowdfunding with Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay’s latest feature, ORION: The Man Who Would Be King, has been waiting in the wings for several years but is now ready to take centre stage as Jeanie and her team reach out to the community with a crowdfunding campaign to help them complete the film. We asked Jeanie to give us an insight into the journey of ORION and her knowledgable perspective on running crowdfunding campaigns.

Jeanie Finlay Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

What a year for viewing. It feels odd to be picking a top ten list exclusively from films as 2013 for me was the year of astounding television – both broadcast and online. I know how strict MarBelle gets about these things and it’s willpower alone that has allowed me to not break the rules this year. Here are the ten that have stayed with me:

Jeanie Finlay 2012 Top Ten

2012 has been a strange year in film for me as I’ve seen fewer films than I have in previous years. It’s been more circumstance than choice – I have been following up on Sound It Out by making two new films and have either had my head behind a camera (shooting Pantomime) , or […]

Jeanie Finlay 2011 Top Ten

2011 has been a funny old year. At the beginning I had just finished my documentary film Sound It Out and was getting ready to release it on DVD in the Stockton record shop I made the film in. In February I got the news we had got into SXSW for our world premiere and […]

Jeanie Finlay 2010 Top Ten

It’s that time of year again and this year MarBelle has laid down some very strict ground rules. Only ten films (hard), in order of favour and only films made or released this year (positively mean). That means I can’t mention one of the best films I saw this year – Wake in Fright an […]

Sound It Out: Adventures in Crowd Funding

I was at Sheffield Doc/Fest last week and crowd funding was everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! It felt like the thing that was being talk about and discussed more than ever before. A year ago it was a vague notion that was on the periphery of my experience but now I’m acutely aware of it as […]

Sunnyside of the Doc

La Rochelle station Entrance to conference centre The conference centre Party on a boat Sunnyside in La Rochelle is not quite like any other film event I have ever been to. It’s a market aimed at producers and commissioners from all over the world. (think Clothes show live for documentary companies) It has stands, panel […]

Home from edinburgh but not for long. Next stop Sunnyside

I’ve been home for all of two days and am now, yet again waiting for a train to take me somewhere. This time to St Pancras so I can catch the Eurostar to Sunnyside of the Doc in La Rochelle. Edinburgh was over in a flash and was very much wall to wall training, pitching, […]

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