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Peter Millard returns with his latest slice of unmistakable animation ‘Fruit Fruit’

Writing a synopsis for a short film can often be a difficult thing…with the work of Directors Notes favourite Peter Millard it often feels impossible. Returning with his latest unmistakable slice of animation ‘Fruit Fruit’, I can only think of one word to describe it……CUCUMBER!!!!

Action, Adventure, Romance, Underpants…short film ‘!!RENEGADE!!’ has it all

f watching a man run around in his pants battling a monocled villain doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, then Kevin Van Witt and Michael Cavanaugh’s epic short ‘!!RENEGADE!!’ might not be your cup-of-tea. If you are looking for 4-minutes of action-packed, scantily-clad fun…you’re in for a treat.

Unravelling the Enigmatic Science Fiction Short film ‘Mouse-X’ with Writer/Director Justin Tagg

Listing ‘1984’, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘Primer’ and ‘The Third Man’ as just some of the works that have influenced its creation, Justin Tagg’s joins us to talk about his stunning short film ‘Mouse-X’

Tobias Stretch & HAUSCHKA combine to make a music video of real emotion & beauty.

With a back catalogue of music videos which lists Radiohead and Efterklang as collaborators, Director/Animator/Sculptor Tobias Stretch has become somewhat of a go-to-man when it comes to unique, stand-out music videos. Lending his distinct vision to track ‘Craco’ from German pianist HAUSCHKA, the two artists come to together to create a real piece of beauty and emotion – something not often seen in the world of music videos.

Watch all 4 shorts from Alan Becker’s ‘Animator vs. Animation’ series

With his 4 shorts from the ‘Animator vs. Animation’ series clocking up over 10-million views on YouTube, to say ‘Alan Becker’s’ comedic tale of an artist battling with his stickman creation has been an online success would be somewhat of understatement. Recently releasing the fourth instalment of his ever-popular series, we take a look at his latest story, along with his 3 previous short films.

Archival footage and VFX combine in the History Channel’s ‘The Great Martian War’

On its 100th anniversary, The Great Martian War tells the story of the catastrophic events and unimaginable horrors of 1913-17, when Humankind was pitted against a savage Alien invasion. With powerful and detailed First World War parallels, The Great Martian War fuses sci-fi fantasy with specialist factual history to explore the real-world tragedies and unique horror of World War One.

Dugan O’Neal enlists the help of Haim & Jon Heder for funk-filled Chromeo promo.

A conveyor belt of prospective suitors attempt to woo a beautiful woman in Dugan O’Neal’s funk-filled promo for Chromeo track ‘Old 45’s’ – keep an eye out for cameo’s from Haim and Jon Heder.

Stripping Science-Fiction Down to its Essentials with ‘Burnt Grass’ Director Ray Wong

Recently selected for Vimeo’s curation of Toronto International Film Festival shorts, we speak to director Ray Wong about his science-fiction short film ‘Burnt Grass’

RCA 2014: Sophie Koko Gate – ‘Half Wet’

“When we are born, we are about as wet as a banana” – Sophie Koko Gate explains how a friend’s revelation on how she thought she would age inspired her RCA animated short ‘Half Wet’

RCA 2014: Nicolas Ménard – ‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’

Graduating RCA Animator Nicolas Ménard talks to Directors Notes about his approach to storytelling & the importance of collaboration when making latest short film ‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’