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Exploring the Complex Minimalism of Jeanette Bonds’ Animated Music Video for Kid606

Animator, Festival founder, Writer and general champion of innovative animation Jeanette Bonds joins us to talk about her latest work, an animated music video for Kid606 track ‘B Minor’.

Beats, Breasts & Bloodshed – Sion Sono Brings Japanese Rap Battle to the UK Streets with ‘Tokyo Tribe’

Completely over-the-top and beautifully choreographed, ‘Tokyo Tribe’ is the feature-length rap-musical we’ve all been waiting for.

Iain Gardner Discusses Award-Winning Short Animation 'The Tannery'

Animator Iain Gardner joins us to talk about how a friend’s story of his grandmother’s Fox stole, which spontaneously combusted, led him to create a narrative about an unusual relationship between a recently deceased fox and a rabbit.

Exploring the 'Shame' of Jeremy Cole's Young Fathers Music Video

Director Jeremy Cole provides a behind-the-scenes insight into the production of his energetic music video for Young Fathers track ‘Shame’

Filmmaker Kate Herron Provides us with an Alternative Watch for Valentine's Day This Year

We speak to writer/director Kate Herron about her recently released short film ‘Valentine’ and why she thinks it’s the perfect film for those “people who want to watch something a bit less-cuddly” this Valentine’s Day.

How a Mushroom Trip Led Sean Dunne to Make a Film About Everything and Nothing

Most filmmakers probably wouldn’t reveal that the concept of their latest film was dreamt up during what he describes as a “very productive, tingly come down period” from a mushroom trip – but Sean Dunne isn’t most directors. As frank and unabashed as ever, we talk to Dunne about his latest documentary ‘Florida Man’ – a film about everything and nothing.

Saving the World One Animation at a Time – the Moth Collective Unveil ‘Planet Under Pressure’

Animation supergroup The Moth Collective join us to talk about their latest short animation for the Global Canopy Programme – ‘Planet Under Pressure’.

El Vez Top Ten Feature Films of 2014

El Vez rediscovers his love of Asian cinema and the darker side of cinematic storytelling in his Top Ten Feature Film list of 2014

Hannah Jacobs on Capturing the Beauty & Magic of Tom Rosenthal's Music

Often dialogue free and with an unconventional narrative structure, capturing emotion in a music video is no easy task. Proving that it can be done with her immersive, emotive promo for Tom Rosenthal track ‘It’s OK’, we chat to Hannah Jacobs about the inspiration and production of her latest animation.

Stu Willis Introduces us to the World of soulful science-fiction miniseries 'Restoration'

Talking souls and science-fiction with Australian director Stu Willis, as he gives us a glimpse behind-the-scenes of his ‘Restoration’ miniseries

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