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Hallucinations, Time Travel & Murder in Conor Finnegan’s Animated Video for Candice Gordon

Conor Finnegan reveals the darker side to his work in this animated video for Candice Gordon track ‘Sound of Horns’

Exploring the Mythical Beasts of Rob Savage’s British Sea Power Promo

Recently heralded as one of Screen International’s Stars of Tomorrow, we speak to upcoming UK director Rob Savage about his captivating black and white video for British Sea Power track ‘A Light Above Descending’.

Skynet Comparisons & Scientific Inspiration with ‘The Awareness’ Director Henry Dunham

Henry Dunham joins us to talk about scientific inspiration, Skynet comparisons and working on a full-length feature adaptation of short film ‘The Awareness’.

The Playful Tale of a ‘Penismouse’ in Restored Polish Animation ‘Myszochujek’

Made in 1957 by little known Polish director Kristof Babaski, Anika Jarzynka from the Polish Film Club explains why over 50 years later she decided to restore and share ‘Myszochujek’ – the animated tale of an extroverted mouse who just wants to play.

Felix Massie: ‘In The Air Is Christopher Gray’

How a sketch of an Evel Knievel style guy about to jump a giant snake on his motorbike and some misplaced affections toward a friend led Felix Massie to create his latest short animation ‘In The Air Is Christopher Gray’

TheyAreAnimators #18: Recap & Epilogue

A recap of all the articles featured in our ‘TheyAreAnimators’ series – from Hisko Hulsing interviewed in August 2012, to Adam Wells in December 2013. Running for 18 months and consisting of 17 in-depth features, TheyAreAnimators explored the inspirations, production methods, distribution routes and future plans of a select few working in the world of short animation.

2013: The Year of the Animated Short?

With over 200 DN posts focusing on Animation last year, 2013 was obviously a good year for all things animated. Carrying on our recent love for end of year round-ups, we take a look back over the past 12-months, this time focusing on the world of short animation.

El Vez Top Ten Feature Films of 2013

Spending a lot more time watching short films this year, once again 2013 has seen my feature film viewing decrease somewhat from previous years – making this annual compilation process considerably easier this year. I’m sure there are some glaring omissions but these are the ones I watched and the ones I loved:

The Moth Collective: Amazonia Security Agenda

The Moth Collective highlight the importance of the Amazon region in ‘Amazonia Security Agenda’ – an informational animation for the Global Canopy Programme.

The Truth Behind the Lies in Lewis Arnold’s ‘Charlie Says’

National Film and Television School graduate Lewis Arnold reveals the inspiration behind his short film ‘Charlie Says’ and gives Directors Notes an insight into its production.