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Director Jesse Collett Looks to Slowly Shatter the Viewer’s Sense of Reality with RCA Grad Film ‘Boom is Life’

Feeling like a film that encourages conversation, we speak to director Jess Collett about what inspired the unusual narrative and distinct look behind RCA grad film ‘Boom is Life’.

Jason B. Kohl - Film School: A Practical Guide to an Impractical Decision

Director (and now Author) Jason B. Kohl shares the inspiration behind his latest project – ‘Film School: A Practical Guide to an Impractical Decision’ – A book designed to help its readers “understand what a filmmaker is, how filmmakers succeed, and how they might begin to do the same, with or without film school”.

Dialogue-Free and Unscripted: Welcome to the World of Gints Zilbalodis’ ‘Inaudible’

We talk to Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis about his latest animated short ‘Inaudible” – the emotive tale of a Trumpet player and his recent loss of hearing.

Behind the Lens of ‘Mr Director’ – an Andy Martin short film

The ever-prolific Andy Martin joins us to talk about his latest project – stop-motion short film ‘Mr Director’. A 7-minute animation taking the guise of a documentary looking at the diverse cinematic career of its titular filmmaker.

CROW HAND!!! & the Blood-soaked Festival-favourite filmmaking of director Brian Lonano

“Look at this weird thing on the ground. It looks like a crow!” – how the discovery of a strange object in a car-park in Florida led director Brian Lonano to create the practical FX led short ‘CROW HAND!!!’

Exploring the Cinematic Universe of Ian Pons Jewell's Vince Staples Music Video

“I wanted it to be an experience, something that would linger” – director Ian Pons Jewell joins us to discuss his Vince Staple Music Video ‘Señorita’

Talking Practical FX & Inspirations with 'Bad Guy #2' director Chris McInroy

“It’s fucking fun to shoot” – director Chris McInroy is a man who obviously loves his job. He’s passionate about movies and he’s passionate about practical FX. Eager to find out a little more about his directorial approach, we spoke to the filmmaker and his blood-soaked ‘Bag Guy #2’ and his upcoming film ‘Death Metal’.

Exploring the Complex Minimalism of Jeanette Bonds’ Animated Music Video for Kid606

Animator, Festival founder, Writer and general champion of innovative animation Jeanette Bonds joins us to talk about her latest work, an animated music video for Kid606 track ‘B Minor’.

Beats, Breasts & Bloodshed – Sion Sono Brings Japanese Rap Battle to the UK Streets with ‘Tokyo Tribe’

Completely over-the-top and beautifully choreographed, ‘Tokyo Tribe’ is the feature-length rap-musical we’ve all been waiting for.

Iain Gardner Discusses Award-Winning Short Animation 'The Tannery'

Animator Iain Gardner joins us to talk about how a friend’s story of his grandmother’s Fox stole, which spontaneously combusted, led him to create a narrative about an unusual relationship between a recently deceased fox and a rabbit.

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