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Dugan O’Neal enlists the help of Haim & Jon Heder for funk-filled Chromeo promo.

A conveyor belt of prospective suitors attempt to woo a beautiful woman in Dugan O’Neal’s funk-filled promo for Chromeo track ‘Old 45′s’ – keep an eye out for cameo’s from Haim and Jon Heder.

Stripping Science-Fiction Down to its Essentials with ‘Burnt Grass’ Director Ray Wong

Recently selected for Vimeo’s curation of Toronto International Film Festival shorts, we speak to director Ray Wong about his science-fiction short film ‘Burnt Grass’

RCA 2014: Sophie Koko Gate – ‘Half Wet’

“When we are born, we are about as wet as a banana” – Sophie Koko Gate explains how a friend’s revelation on how she thought she would age inspired her RCA animated short ‘Half Wet’

RCA 2014: Nicolas Ménard – ‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’

Graduating RCA Animator Nicolas Ménard talks to Directors Notes about his approach to storytelling & the importance of collaboration when making latest short film ‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’

RCA 2014: Joe Bichard – ‘The Waldgeist & Me’

Graduating RCA animator Joe Bichard gives us an insight into how collaboration became the most enjoyable and rewarding part of making his animated short film ‘The Waldgeist & Me’.

RCA 2014: Isaac Holland – ‘La Petite Maison’

Described by the filmmaker as “by the far the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to make”, we caught up with graduating RCA animator Isaac Holland to discuss the concept and production of his latest animated short ‘La Petite Maison’.

RCA 2014: Marcus Armitage – ‘My Dad’

The first in our series of interviews with Royal College of Art animators, we speak to Marcus Armitage about his graduation film ‘My Dad’ – a short that depicts a Dad’s influence on a young boy’s life

Martin Stirling directs this powerful message to LEGO in Greenpeace promo ‘LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome’

Sending out a powerful message to family-favourites LEGO, Don’t Panic’s Martin Stirling directs this powerful promo for Greenpeace. Building an Arctic entirely of LEGO and flooding it with oil to highlight the toy company’s affiliation with Shell, we spoke to Director Stirling about working on such a high profile video.

An Introduction to Stalker Photography in MP Cunningham’s Documentary Short ‘The Observer’

Bringing this controversial art form to the small screen, The Observer takes us on a brief journey through Alex’s chosen craft, as she explains why she’s decided to explore this particular route of photography.

Jeroen Bogaert Challenges Audience Assumptions in Thought-Provoking Short Film ‘Early Birds’

Director Jeroen Bogaert provides an insight into the origins of his narrative and his approach to production, in this behind the scenes look at his London Film School short ‘Early Birds’.