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Nathan Honnold Once Again Explores his Fascination with the Underdog in his latest Documentary ‘Thomas Bennett’

We speak to director Nathan Honnold about his latest short documentary ‘Thomas Bennett’, a film he describes as an intimate portrait of a friend living on the fringes of society.

The Blood, Guts & Brains Behind Pleasure Kill’s Music Video for Psychic Rites’ ‘Singularity’

Soaked in blood and splattered in entrails, Pleasure Kill’s music video for Psychic Rites track ‘Singularity’ is no ordinary music video. Creative duo Mike Wilson and Mike Siemens set out to give us a story-based promo full of killer cars, physical effects and buckets of blood. We spoke to Mike Wilson about their approach to the video.

The Spirit of Reconciliation as Captured in Chris Shepherd’s Dramatic Short ‘The Ringer’

Resisting the urge to talk to exclusively about his work on the “Stareout” section of cult comedy show ‘Big Train’, we took the opportunity to talk to director Chris Shepherd about his latest short film ‘The Ringer’, the magic of live screenings and what he’s working on next (including a sequel to ‘Dad’s Dead’).

Exploring the ‘Monkey Love Experiments’ of Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson

Combining stop-motion, live-action and 3d animation, we speak to BAFTA winning filmmakers Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson about their latest short ‘Monkey Love Experiments’ – the tale of ‘a misguided monkey who believes he is destined for the moon’.

Sean Dunne Explores the Lives of Internet Sex Workers in New Documentary ‘Cam Girlz’

Eager to make a film about women that challenge the establishment, we talk to director Sean Dunne about his latest documentary ‘Cam Girlz’ – a feature exploring the lives of women working in the internet sex industry.

Carlos Lopez Estrada Lets the Rats Out in His Unique One-Shot Music Video for Clipping

Attempting to create an experience similar to listening to the band for the 1st time, Carlos Lopez Estrada explains the thought process behind his one-shot music video for Clipping’s ‘Work Work’ .

Travelling Through the Troubled Past of Danny Brown in Norton’s ’25 Bucks’ Promo

Director Norton walks us through the production process of his latest Danny Brown promo and reveals how he created the stunning ‘time-freeze’ effect at its core.

Not Just a Naughty Boy: An Interview with Ian Pons Jewell

London based filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell reveals all behind his Naughty Boy video and the 3 other music promos the talented director shot in Bolivia.

The Brothers Lynch take us for a spin around their Carly Paradis music video

Grabbing our attention in 2013, when they made the ScreenDaily 2013 ‘UK Stars of Tomorrow’ list, The Brothers Lynch showcase once again why there are so highly regarded with this hypnotic animated music video for Canadian-born, London-based composer and pianist Carly Paradis.

Anxiety, Hair Loss & Odd Dreams Fall Under Luiz Stockler’s Spotlight in ‘Montenegro’

RCA animation graduate & award-winning director Luiz Stockler joins us to talk about the concept of his unusual short film Montenegro.