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El Vez Top Ten Feature Films of 2014

El Vez rediscovers his love of Asian cinema and the darker side of cinematic storytelling in his Top Ten Feature Film list of 2014

Hannah Jacobs on Capturing the Beauty & Magic of Tom Rosenthal's Music

Often dialogue free and with an unconventional narrative structure, capturing emotion in a music video is no easy task. Proving that it can be done with her immersive, emotive promo for Tom Rosenthal track ‘It’s OK’, we chat to Hannah Jacobs about the inspiration and production of her latest animation.

Stu Willis Introduces us to the World of soulful science-fiction miniseries 'Restoration'

Talking souls and science-fiction with Australian director Stu Willis, as he gives us a glimpse behind-the-scenes of his ‘Restoration’ miniseries

“They are to porn what I am to film” – Sean Dunne Nears Completion…of Feature Doc ‘Cam Girlz’

With his latest feature documentary ‘Cam Girlz’ currently in the editing suite, edging closer to completion, Sean Dunne joins us once again to talk about no regrets, his new lease on life and taking psychedelics.

Get Tanked up with Conor Finnegan in his Colourful Music Video for Jape

Take a trippy journey through a mysterious underwater world in Conor Finnegan’s latest music video for Jape track ‘The Hearts Desire’

Fright Night: The Best Horror Short Films

Offering you the chance to continuously scare the bejesus out of yourself in bitesize chunks, here are our favourite jump-filled Horror short films for you to watch (from behind your hands) this Halloween.

Play Dead: The Best Zombie Short Films

Grab your chainsaws, stock-up on those necessary supplies and prepare yourself for some apocalyptic viewing with a playlist of our favourite zombie short films.

Hypnotic computer-generated twerking rules the day in Jesse Kanda’s Arca video

Ever wanted to see a naked, computer-generated, bald woman twerk her generously-sized booty to the sounds of a Venezuelan musician? Here’s your chance…

Jim Owen offers some insightful break-up advice in comedy short film ‘Can We Talk?’

Jim Owen’s comedic short film ‘Can We Talk?’ serves up some hilarious and slightly uncomfortable break-up advice from his misguided protagonist Vince.

Welcome to the Ridiculously Infectious World of Lesley the Pony

Possibly one of the greatest things to hit the internet in recent times, welcome to the ridiculously infectious world of ‘Lesley the Pony’. Taking us on a journey through comely maids and strapping lads, Christian Larrave’s short ‘Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day!’ not only won the Best Undergraduate Animation award at this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival, but also win the best video about a prancing pony on the whole internet award [voted by ME].