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Corentin Kopp Takes a Canadian Busman’s Holiday for his Sisters Abroad Short ‘Montreal’

We have a long overdue catchup with director Corentin Kopp to find out about his holiday filmmaking exploits for his sisters abroad short film ‘Montreal’.

Czlowiek Kamera Puts Determination & Decisiveness to Good Use for the ‘No More Losing the War’ Music Video

Director Człowiek Kamera reunites with Montreal’s Half Moon Run for heartfelt, split-screen, narrative music video ‘No More Losing the War’. We dig into Człowiek Kamera’s self-taught filmmaker roots & discover the question every director should answer before stepping behind the camera.

Val Keller Amps up the Science Experiment Surrealism in Sci-Fi Short ‘After Thought’

Val Keller’s short ‘After Thought’ transports us into a surreal world in which it’s possible to receive the bill for your own funeral. Producer Reza Amidi provides DN with a peek behind the mysterious curtain.

Claire Kurylowski Calls Everyday Sexism into Question in her Powerful Short ‘In Real Life’

Filmmaker Claire Kurylowski enters the debate about pervasive sexism with her feminist social enquiry short ‘In Real Life’. She joins us to discuss what spurred her into action & the narrative power of the close-up.

Niles Heckman Explores Cybernetic Love & Loss Under the Shadow of a Space Elevator in Sci-Fi Short ‘Auroras’

Niles Heckman’s sci-fi short ‘Auroras’ tells the tale of cyborg love and separation played out against the grand vista of a 22nd century North Pole space elevator. Heckman joins us to discuss the film’s epic 3 year journey.

DN320: Loves of a Cyclops – Nathan Punwar

Director Nathan Punwar guides us through the multi-layered story of his charming short film ‘Loves of a Cyclops’.

Simon Baucks Discusses Collaboration & the Elevation of the Modern Dance Film in his Short ‘Inmotion’

Simon Baucks’ passion project ‘Inmotion’ makes a concerted effort to elevate the ‘film’ portion of the’ dance film’ and in so doing elevates the whole to the status of enthralling motion artwork. Baucks tells DN how he superseded his limitations for the film.

Youness Benali Strikes Impressive Poses in the Dark for the Blacksmif ‘My Own Blood’ Music Video

Subtly combining light with composition director Youness Benali crafts a minimalistic music video full of feeling for Blacksmif track ‘My Own Blood’. Youness takes us through his process.

Federico Gutiérrez Pictures a ‘Perfect World’ in his Broken Bells Animated Sci-Fi Music Video

We invite Federico Gutiérrez to share the story of his pitch to Broken Bellsand the development of his animated music video for their track ‘Perfect World’.

Robert Mentov Documents the Lives of the Migrant Workers Behind India’s Buildings in ‘Bricks of Bengal’

Robert Mentov’s ‘Bricks of Bengal’ documents the lives of the migrant workers of the Sundarban Islands who make the vast numbers of bricks needed for India’s buildings. Mentov joins us to discuss how he captured this glimpse of another life.