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Marc Grey Searches the Space Between Sleep & Wakefulness in ‘Night Before The Morning Sun’

Director Marc Grey takes us through the challenges of producing a film centred on the nebulous and often counter-narrative logic of dreams and memory in his short ‘Night Before The Morning Sun’.

A British Muslim Soldier Confronts Questions of Community & Family Estrangement in Rachna Suri’s ‘Our Lad’

In Rachna Suri’s subtle drama ‘Our Lad’, a British Muslim solider finds resentment upon his return home from the army. Suri discusses creating a short which speaks to universal truths of family dynamics and community estrangement.

Paul Frankl’s ‘Roxanne’ Gives Positive Voice to the Portrayal of the Trans Sex Worker

Paul Frankl’s ‘Roxanne’ sees an isolated transgender sex worker reconnect with her emotional core when she takes in an abandoned young girl. We talk to Frankl about making non-exploitative cinema and championing the stories that we all need to see more of.

Tumble into the Fantastical World of Shelly Love’s ‘The Fallen Circus’

Director/Choreographer Shelly Love reveals how she drew from a background in dance and art to develop her enchanting tale of plummeting performers in Chapter 1 of ‘The Fallen Circus’.

John Charter Takes a Hypnotic Trip of Inward Exploration & Inner Demons in ‘Exile’

John Charter joins DN to discuss ‘Exile’ – an art film which explores the clash between miniature terrain and expansive vistas, fleeting motion against stillness, and digital clarity versus aged film.

Albert Choi Reconnects to Inspiration in Short Film ‘The Latecomer’

“Freedom can be found through self-imposed isolation.” Director Albert Choi joins DN to discuss his new short about reconnecting with inspiration, ‘The Latecomer’.

Exploring the Wonders of Joan Guasch’s Three Dimensional Collage World in Delorean’s ‘Crystal’ Music Video

Director Joan Guasch discusses creating a psychedelic trip through the various stages of a relationship, by way of photogrammetry techniques, 3D and the use of more than 2500 stills in Delorean’s ‘Crystal’ music video.

Searching for Love in the Real World in Samuel Abrahams’ Documentary ‘Offline Dating’

In his endearing documentary ‘Offline Dating’, Samuel Abrahams follows his friend Tom over a weekend as he attempts to make a connection without the aid of an app. We talk to Abrahams about technology, relationships and the filmmaker’s effect on reality.

The High School Rumour Mill Gets Fatal in Joe Testa’s Rashomon-esque Short ‘Hearsay’

“A lot of people ask what the ‘true’ ending is and I think they’re largely missing the point.” Director Joe Testa discusses the rumours & lies of his short ‘Hearsay’.

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