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Rémy Bazerque Traps us in his Modern Mythological Punishment Short ‘Cerberus’

DN caught up with Rémy Bazerque to discuss how he got the collective penny to drop for his new short ‘Cerberus’, a modern take on the mythological eternal punishments narrative.

Ronin Animator Eric Power Cuts a Stop Motion ‘Path of Blood’ to his Debut Feature

Ronin animator Eric Power joins DN for an interview about the 3 year solo journey he undertook to complete his debut paper stop motion feature ‘Path of Blood’.

Hannu Aukia’s Exposes the Fragility of Modern Romantic Relationships in Short Film ‘Helsinki-Turku’

Director Hannu Aukia’s talks to DN about how he turned a ‘vibe’ between actors into a deeply affecting short about the fragility of modern romantic relationships in his short film ‘Helsinki-Turku’.

Maegan Houang Transforms Chastity Belt’s Melancholic Sound into a Bloody Fight for Survival in ‘Black Sail’

Director Maegan Houang joins DN to discuss how she found gruesome horror on the Oregon Trail in her meticulously observed period music video for Chastity Belt’s ‘Black Sail’.

Eric Kolelas Finds Tenderness at the End of the World in ‘Hold’

Actor/Director Eric Kolelas returns to DN to share the inspiration which led him to subvert the typical post-apocalyptic narrative in his new short film ‘Hold’.

Playing a Game of Perspectives & Dimensions in Joan Guasch’s ‘Apocalipsi’ Music Video

Director Joan Guasch tells DN how he stayed on top of his topsy-turvy music video for Jansky track ‘Apocalipsi’.

Food Dwelling Ghosts & Bears on Bicycles, Welcome to Gus Péwé’s Askew Short ‘Same Ghost Every Night’

Director Gus Péwé tells DN how he used the happy accident of unscripted moments as the creative lifeblood for his charmingly askew short ‘Same Ghost Every Night’.

Clément Oberto Takes ‘One Step’ into an Odyssey in Sweetness in his Hybrid Music Video/Short Film

Existing somewhere within the nebulous intersection of the short film and the music video, Clément Oberto explains how he and a team of trusted collaborators made their way towards a contemplation on love, time and life trajectory in ‘One Step’.

Hu Wei Explores the Erosion of Tibetan Culture in Oscar Nominated Short ‘Butter Lamp’

Ostensibly the story of a photographer and his assistant capturing family portraits of the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village, Hu Wei’s experimental short ‘Butter Lamp’ proves itself to be a multilayered thesis on the influence of globalisation and the erosion of Tibetan culture. DN caught up with Wei to discover how he went about blending fact and fiction and why a single image almost brought the whole production to a violent end.

Jessica Ashman Finds Acceptance of the Other in her BAFTA Winning Stop-Motion Short ‘Fixing Luka’

Premiering online here at DN, Jessica Ashman’s beautifully intricate stop-motion short ‘Fixing Luka’ tells the affecting story of Lucy, a girl who believes she can fix her broken brother if she just finds a way into his head. Jessica tells us about the development of her first professional short and how she marshalled the talents of a multi-disciplined team of creatives to create an award winning film about love and acceptance.