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Colours Run from Nowhere to Everywhere in Emanuele Kabu’s Kaleidoscopic Music Video ‘The Nomadic Alternative’

Emanuele Kabu chats to DN about tapping into feelings of restlessness for Delta Club’s colourfully animated kinetic music video ‘The Nomadic Alternative’.

DN336: Asaf Korman Delves into the Heart of Unhealthy Symbiotic Relationships in Sibling Drama ‘Next to Her’

Israeli director Asaf Korman joins us on the podcast with feature debut ‘Next to Her’, an intimate and very personal look at the themes of co-dependence and unhealthy symbiotic relationships.

Sam Griffith & Hannah Thrower Build a Rich Animated Tapestry for Courtney Marie Andrews’ ‘Woman of Many Colors’

Director Sam Griffith tells DN how he and artist Hannah Thrower weaved a rich tapestry of animation for Courtney Marie Andrews’ ‘Woman of Many Colors’ music video.

“3,000 times a day for two weeks” – Nathan Johnson on the Painstaking Push Pin Animation of ‘Change is Everything’

Director Nathan Johnson invited DN to dig into the hazards of flying pins and sore fingers he faced during the creation of his mind-boggling stop motion music video ‘Change is Everything’.

Denny Wong Hopes You’ll ‘Stay Awhile’ as he Explores Love in an Age of Fleeting Connections

Calendrical short ‘Stay Awhile’ charts the progression of a relationship between two strangers who decide to spend a month together. We discuss the temporal nature of modern relationships with Director Denny Wong.

Don’t Call it a Dance Film! Youness Benali Finds Expression Through Movement in ‘Without A Word’

A director who has always showcased image and movement at the forefront of his work, Youness Benali returns to DN with his new expressive short ’Without A Word‘ and explains why despite what you may initially think this new piece isn’t a dance film.

Vince Staples Rises Above in David M. Herman’s Anti-Gravity Music Video ‘Lift Me Up’

Director David M. Helman reveals how he took Vince Staples to an elevated state in ‘Lift Me Up’.

Corentin Kopp Weaves a Dark Tale of Lust & Betrayal in Noir Music Video ‘Härligt Sverige’

Corentin Kopp talks to DN about drawing inspiration from film noir and graphic novels to deliver a dark tale of lust and betrayal in ‘Härligt Sverige’.

Quentin Haberham Scavenges for Friendship in Junkyard Short ‘Jack’

We talk to Director Quentin Haberham about creating a junkyard hero with a heart in animated short ‘Jack’.

Rubin Stein Executes One-Take Terror in Creepy Sibling Short ‘TIN&TINA’

Rubin Stein discusses how he executed a single shot scare in his creepy sibling short TIN&TINA.

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