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DN LFF2014: Table Tennis & Hip Hop Come Together at Last in Michael Tully’s 80s Movie ‘Ping Pong Summer’

DN caught up with director Michael Tully to get the full funky fresh lowdown on the blending of table tennis and Hip Hop in his modern day 80s movie, ‘Ping Pong Summer’.

Jesse Quinones Discusses the 13 Year Long Journey of his Debut Feature ‘Calloused Hands’

Inspired by his tempestuous childhood experiences, Jesse Quinones’ ‘Calloused Hands’ is a story that took over a decade to make it to the big screen. Quinones joins us to discuss how the story developed through the years.

DVA Chase Away Winter in Admiral & Peter Skala’s Animated Music Video ‘No Survi’

Director Admiral tells DN how he & co-director Peter Skala chased away winter in their animated promo for DVA’s track ‘No Survi’.

DN LFF2014: Finding Father Figures in the Wrong Places in Julius Avery’s Crime Drama ‘Son of a Gun’

In his action packed crime feature debut ‘Son of a Gun’, Julius Avery explores themes of masculinity and belonging through the adrenaline soaked lens of a high tension heist. Avery tells us how it all came together.

Péter Vácz & James Join Forces for a Powerful Tale of Loss & Regret in 'All I'm Saying'

Péter Vácz’s music video for James’ ‘All I’m Saying’ gives beautiful stop motion action to a very personal story of loss and regret. Péter joins us for a discussion about tight deadlines and the masks we all wear.

Consumerism & Personal Integrity Fight it Out in Beautiful Retro Animated Style in Robert Grieves’ ‘Sausage’

Robert Grieves’ animated short ‘Sausage’ sees topical issues of food ethics played out in a beautifully kinetic style. We sat down with Grieves to find out how ‘Sausage’ enabled him to expand his filmmaking horizons.

DN LFF2014: Zee Ntuli Flirts with the Danger of South Africa’s Criminal Streets in his Breakneck Debut ‘Hard to Get’

DN sits down with director Zee Ntuli to discuss his high octane feature debut ‘Hard to Get’ and why he wants his film to break away from the legacy of yesterday’s South African cinema.

DN LFF2014: Fathers, Sons & Classes Clash in Franco Lolli’s ‘Gente de Bien’

Franco Lolli’s ‘Gente de Bien’ depicts the fractured relationship between a troubled boy & his estranged father set against the backdrop of a socially divided Bogotá. We caught up with Lolli for an interview about his feature debut.

DN LFF2014: Love & Sexuality are Blind in Daniel Ribeiro’s Charming Debut ‘The Way He Looks’

Daniel Ribeiro’s debut feature ‘The Way He Looks’ tenderly explores the awakening sexuality of a blind teenage as he discovers first love. DN speaks to Ribeiro about how his depiction of a blind perspective shaped a variety of production decisions.

Ethan Shaftel Imagines the Many Forms of Future Consciousness in Sci-Fi Short ‘Flesh Computer’

Ethan Shaftel talks to DN about his future sci-fi short ‘Flesh Computer’ in which our computers are much more than lifeless machines and consciousness can be found in places other than a human skull.