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Gísli þór Gíslason Taps into Viking Folklore for Arctic Roots’ ‘Nykur’ Music Video

Rising from the ashes of a lacklustre reaction to his end of year student film project, director Gísli þór Gíslason set his sights on the Viking folklore from his native Iceland and put together a crew from his German film school for mythical short Nykur; a film which serves as both his graduation film and […]

wasaru Animates a Tale of Interdependence Between a Lonely Man & His Cat for Sage Francis’ ‘Make Em Purr’

French filmmaker wasaru teams up with hip hop artist Sage Francis to create the dark, animated tale of a lonely man and his cat for music video ‘Make Em Purr’. We asked wasaru to tell us how it all came together.

Anthony Aguiar Delivers a Genre Hopping Ghost Story in Short Film ‘Cypress’

Shot in the true spirit of an indie production with a tiny crew and minimal gear, Anthony Aguiar’s short film Cypress slowly reveals itself to be a ghost story that’s hard to pin down as it traverses genres as the narrative unfolds. We invited Aguiar to lift the veil on his otherworldly production. How did […]

Alex Amoling & Chae Hawk Draw Their DPFTHH Music Video Trilogy to a Close with the Emotionally Taunt ‘Dinner Plates’

Bringing the creative music video partnership forged across Chae Hawk’s DPFTHH album to a close, we speak to director Alex Amoling about the progression of his work over the trilogy of music videos

Reading & Leeds 2014 Cinema Tent Shorts

It’s August bank holiday and as always, we’re heading off to the Reading & Leeds festival for our annual Cinema Tent Shorts screening. But you can get a sneak peak of the programme right here and now…

Melissa Anastasi Takes a Meditative Look at Life, Loss and Longing in ‘This Feral Life’

Melissa Anastasi’s ‘This Feral Life’ is the powerful story of Mia’s headlong dive into debauchery as she attempts to deal with life, loss and longing in a small country Australian town. Anastasi joins us to discuss adapting Julia-Rose Lewis’ theatre monologue for screen and the importance of emotional truth and tone in storytelling.

nautico Reveal the Subtle Stories of Characters Rarely Seen in Short Film ‘Brady’

nautico’s short film ‘Brady’ illustrates the rich narratives we as audiences get to enjoy when filmmakers step outside of narrative conventions. John Heeg of nautico joins us to discuss the inspiration behind Brady and nautico’s subtle approach to the storytelling.

Take a 9 Minute Single Shot Stroll into the End of the World in Edward John Drake’s ‘All Eyes On You’ Music Video

Edward John Drake’s single shot music video for Klangkarussell’s ‘All Eyes On You’ is an extraordinary 9 minute piece of choreographed precision in which a bizarre collection of characters intersect on London’s dawn streets. We invited Drake to tell us just how he pulled off such an impressive end of days narrative.

Shan Phearon Instructs in the Fine Art of Dancehall for Red Bull’s ‘The Carnival Dance Guide’

Director Shan Phearon serves up a fierce piece of dancehall instructional for the Red Bull Music Academy Sound System in ‘The Carnival Dance Guide’. Phearon takes DN through his production moves.

Keren Rijensky’s ‘Wings’ Animates The Insidious Power of Abusers’ Words on Their Victims

In graduation short ‘Wings’, Israeli director Keren Rijensky interposes the insidious phrases commonly used by abusers to coerce their victims and in so doing illuminates not only the physical but also the far reaching emotional damage of such relationships. We asked Rijensky to share her inspiration for the film and to tell us how she approached such emotive subject matter.