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Jonah Primiano Draws Out the Empty Monotony of Late Night Ennui in SCAD Grad Short ‘IDLE’

When young and old come together in an isolated gas station in Jonah Primiano’s ‘IDLE’, we discover that each is bound to the other by a shared plague of existential doubts. Primiano tells DN how the daunting encroachment of adulthood inspired his subtle metaphysical tale of late night ennui.

Charting the Birth of Environmental Activism in Jerry Rothwell’s Greenpeace Documentary ‘How To Change The World’

Jerry Rothwell returns to DN to discuss new documentary ‘How To Change The World’, which charts those early years of camaraderie that led to the formation of Greenpeace and how the shared idyllic goal of saving nature slowly became plagued by infighting and personal disputes.

No Categories, No Judging Panels: 1.4 Founder Lyndy Stout Talks Curation & the Launch of the Awards for Brilliant Filmmaking

“I’m always on the look out for fresh film voices telling stories in new ways.” 1.4 founder Lyndy Stout on the importance of curation, and launching the Awards for Brilliant Filmmaking.

Kobi Vogman Tames the Anxiety of Wool in Stop-Motion Short ‘A Way of Being’

“I tried to figure out wool as a material and did some tests. It was uncontrollable!” Kobi Vogman discusses making peace with his medium in ‘A Way of Being’

Reading & Leeds 2015 Cinema Tent Shorts

This weekend DN is heading off the Reading & Leeds festivals to screen a selection of the best shorts know to man each and every night.

Rare Finds & Rivalries Abound in Crowns & Owls’ Ted Baker Fashion Short ‘Wonders Never Cease’

DN talks to directing outfit Crowns & Owls about their Ted Baker fashion film ‘Wonders Never Cease’ – a playful tale of professional oneupmanship set amongst the magnificent halls and corridors of London’s Natural History Museum.

Riding the Emotional Wave of THUNDERLIPS’ ‘Breathe’ Music Video

Music video ninjas THUNDERLIPS tell DN about the brain racking process that went into the making of their emotional collage video ‘Breathe’ for Sheep Dog & Wolf.

Noodles & Suburban Unease: Jonny Look Embraces the Strange in ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’

Director Jonny Look discusses how he coupled suburban nostalgia with practical effects for The Garden’s ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’, a music video which seeps sweet and sour unease.

Tel-Aviv Crumbles into a Place of Hope in Sariel Keslasi’s Animated Music Video ‘My Africa’

Sariel Keslasi tells DN how the Tel-Aviv streets and a series of pocket notebooks were pivotal in the realisation of his animated music video ‘My Africa’.

Marc Grey Searches the Space Between Sleep & Wakefulness in ‘Night Before The Morning Sun’

Director Marc Grey takes us through the challenges of producing a film centred on the nebulous and often counter-narrative logic of dreams and memory in his short ‘Night Before The Morning Sun’.

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