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Stockton Lane Weave Together Precious Memories of Love Lost for Brothertiger’s ‘In Mind’

Robert Nyerges & Matt Hardman’s debut music video ‘In Mind’ for Brothertiger sees a dying man’s desperate search through his past for his lost love. We speak to Robert and Matt about the challenges of weaving a dreamlike flow of memories on screen.

The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ ‘KIN Fables’ masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to discuss their vision for the KIN Fables journey & the near successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow them to realise that ambitious vision.

Goyims Jens & Anna Discuss Jewish Culture…Carefully in ‘The Squirrel and the Penguin’

Jens Blank & Anna Benner wracked their brains for the perfect story to animate their way into a Jewish film fund, only to find that the solution was writing itself all along. We discover how they navigated their way through the potential minefield of Jewish politics to a film which elucidates the early creative process.

David Baksh Documents the Early Collaborative Steps of Eva Magyar’s ‘Nobodys Guests’

The last time director David Baksh took us behind the curtain of the dance artiste it was with a portrait piece which poetically presented the shifting form of a single, talented performer. This time, Baksh returns with a more traditional documentary profile of hungarian director and choreographer, Eva Magyar’s development of her latest performance piece […]

Documentary & Fiction Blur in Kimmo Films’ Day in the Life of a Thai Prostitute Music Video ‘Promises of No Mans Land’

Nina Spiering and Mirka Duijn of Kimmo Films employ their documentary and drama experience to create a Docu-Fiction music video look at the life and hopes of a Thai prostitute for Blaudzun’s ‘Promises of No Mans Land’. We sit down with the duo to find out more…

Kickstart Lee Hardcastle’s Feature Length Claysplotation ‘SPOOK TRAIN’

If you happen to take a browse through the DN archives, it quickly becomes apparent that animation is one of our favourite forms of filmmaking, and while it’d be hard to choose one method of production ahead of the others, there’s something about the tactile feel of claymation films (not to mention an admiration for […]

Nadav Nachmany Builds on his own Animation Ruins to Hail ‘The Swamp King’

Nadav Nachmany talks to us about transposing a classic Judaism story into ‘The Swamp King’, a tale about misguided idol worshipping frogs and how the film developed from its initial beginnings as a 1 minute competition entry completed in 5 days into a two year labour of love.

Experience the Ultimate Summer Getaway with Remy Cayuela & Duke Dumont in ‘I Got U’

Cast off those Winter blues with the sound of Duke Dumont’s ‘I Got U’ and director Remy Cayuela’s ultimate getaway from it all solution, all from the comfort of your armchair.

DN316: Strings – Rob Savage

A director we’ve been watching with great interest here on DN, Rob Savage’s work consistently grabs our attention. That’s why I asked him to join us on the podcast so I could discover how it all began at the tender age of 18 when he wrote, directed, edited, shot and co-produced his debut feature Strings, which depicts those quiet, awkward moments of teenage relationships we rarely get to witness on screen.

DN Picks: Feb 14

So February’s howling winds and torrential rain may have forced us to batten down the hatches and hunker round the laptop for warmth, but that gave us ample time to get some serious film watching done. And so we felt the fraught power of brotherly love, examined the solitude of modern loneliness, murderously tripped out […]