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Society’s Feared & Forsaken Take Centre Stage in Duane Hopkins’ Lyrical Sophomore Feature ‘Bypass’

We talk to writer-director Duane Hopkins about his second feature ‘Bypass’, a beautifully observed morality tale of society’s feared and forsaken.

Putting the Power of Negative Space to Work in Youness Benali’s ‘No Substitute’ Music Video

Director Youness Benali joins us once again to discuss his latest ‘less is more’ offering, No Substitute for TroyBoi, and how his natural affinity for the spare and minimal led him to use negative space as a character which strengthened the film’s emotional impact.

DN GSFF2015: Exploring the Role & Form of Short Film Criticism

Sitting on the opening panel of the Glasgow Short Film Festival’s day long Symposium with Suzanne van der Lingen, Professor Richard Raskin & Jorge Rivero, MarBelle took part in a discussion exploring the role and form of short film criticism.

Stephen Irwin Explores Childhood Delusions & Religious Confusion in New Animation ‘The Obvious Child’

With UK animator Stephen Irwin’s new short ‘The Obvious Child’ hitting Vimeo’s VOD service last week we decided to find out more about the motivations which have driven Irwin to evolve as a filmmaker over the past decade.

Michelle Heighway Unearths the Life & Times of Britain’s Most Famous Eccentric in ‘Mr. Somebody?’

We revist our interview with documentary director Michelle Heighway for her feature debut ‘Mr. Somebody?’ – a look at the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel, and also get the low down on her current Indiegogo campaign to release a limited edition DVD and Photo Booklet of the film.

DN322: Appropriate Behaviour – Desiree Akhavan

We talk to Desiree Akhavan about her theatre roots, embracing her true comedic voice as a director and how post-production persistence eventually won out in her emotionally biographical and very personal debut feature ‘Appropriate Behaviour’.

Raphaël Bluzet & Yohan Quintar Reveal the Obsession & Torment Which Lies Beneath for Animated Short ‘IN’

We invited Raphael Bluzet to discuss how he and illustrator Yohan Quintar employed a fucked up aesthetic on short film ‘IN’ to tell the animated tale of obsession and torment which lies behind every man’s mask.

Exploring the Boundaries of Elliptical Storytelling in Maria Pia Fanigliulo’s Short ‘Fragments of May’

Director Maria Pia Fanigliulo discusses how she approached crafting an elliptical tale of a young woman battling mental illness in her new short film ‘Fragments of May’.

Celebrating the Agoraphobic Weirdo in all of Us in Molly McGlynn’s ‘I Am Not a Weird Person’

In Molly McGlynn’s short ‘I Am Not a Weird Person’, an altercation on the street forces Emmy to retreat to the confines of her apartment, where her contrasting fear of and desire for connection bleeds out to the viewer to great comic effect. McGlynn joins us to discuss why filmmakers shouldn’t wait to be greenlit.

Bringing Change to an Unchanging World in Ani Simon-Kennedy’s Silent Feature ‘Days of Gray’

DN caught up with Director Ani Simon-Kennedy to discover just how she crafted her silent, feature length post-apocalyptic tale of a world without hope in the wilds of Iceland.