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DN331: Matt Sobel Takes an Inverted Look at the Coming of Age Story in ‘Take Me To The River’

DN talks to Matt Sobel about his inverted coming of age feature ‘Take Me To The River’ and discovers how he harnessed the celebrity power of Taylor Swift to craft an impressive performance from his young co-star.

DN330: Nightmares Become Unreality in AKIZ’s Dark Monster Tale ‘Der Nachtmahr’

Artist & Director AKIZ shares how he brought realism to his fantastical feature ‘Der Nachtmahr’ whilst augmenting the film’s abrasive techno soundtrack through the use of sonic experiments.

DN329: Politics & Film Noir Combine in Alexis Alexiou’s Crime Thriller ‘Wednesday 04:45’

Greek Director Alexis Alexiou joins us to discuss how he went about creating a lyrical, surreal quality for his crime thriller ‘Wednesday 04:45’ and why in his opinion good film noir is actually political in nature.

DN328: The Child Assassin Comes of Age in Ariel Kleiman’s Debut Feature ‘Partisan’

DN tracked down ‘Partisan’ Director Ariel Kleiman to talk submarines, scoring Vincent Cassel for his debut feature & why kids can’t point guns in Australian films.

DN327: Johanna Schwartz Discusses Feature Doc 'They Will Have to Kill Us First'

Director Johanna Schwartz joins DN with her feature-length documentary ‘They Will Have to Kill Us First’ – a film which charts the defiant spirit of Malian musicians willing to risk their lives for the love of their art.

A VFX Extravaganza Meets a Snuff Video Party in Jason Roberts’ Duo of Music Videos

DN caught up with previous guest Jason Roberts to discover how he brought the disparate music video concepts of a VFX extravaganza and a snuff video party to life.

DN326: Joseph Sims-Dennett Embraces the Voyeuristic Darkness in Horror Mystery Feature ‘Observance’

Dir. Joseph Sims-Dennett talks to DN about the anxieties of building a directing career and how he took things back to the self-initiated basics for his second feature, the dark horror mystery ‘Observance’.

DN325: Josh Mond Battles Emotional Demons Within & Without in Debut Feature ‘James White’

DN sat down with Josh Mond to discuss the inner workings of the Borderline Films’ partnership and how he went about constructing a visual language that would trap an audience inside the claustrophobic internal turmoil of the titular character in his debut feature ‘James White’.

DN324: Felix Thompson Captures a Snapshot of Adolescence in Debut Feature ‘King Jack’

The halcyon days of an endless summer free from adult supervision play host to Felix Thompson’s debut feature King Jack. DN grabbed Thompson for an interview at the London Film Festival to talk the Sundance Creative Producing Labs, the power of pitching and why he wanted Jack to experience a ‘moral’ rather than ‘pure’ victory.

DN323: Crime & Morality Clash in Rene Pannevis’ Short Film ‘Jacked’

The DN podcast makes a glorious return with a series of interviews recorded at the 59th BFI London Film Festival – First in the hot seat is Director Rene Pannevis discussing his squabbling car thief short ‘Jacked’.

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