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Animating a Friendship Not Bound by Dimensions in Péter Vácz's 'Rabbit and Deer'

With Péter Vácz’s award winning animation ‘Rabbit and Deer’ finally making its way online we discuss how the director battled the pressures of tight timeframes & new techniques to deliver a universal story about the power of enduring friendship.

Take a Hypnotic Journey into the Mind in Craig Murray’s ‘Teenage Exorcists’ Music Video for Mogwai

DN catches up with the ever prolific, singular Artist and Director Craig Murray to discuss how he went about creating a hypnotic journey into the mind in his ‘Teenage Exorcists’ music video for Mogwai.

Bryn Higgins Brings the Jump Cut Hallucinatory World of Epilepsy to Screen in ‘Electricity’

DN caught up with director Bryn Higgins to find out how he used custom camera rigs and in camera effects to create a compelling look into the hallucinatory life of an epilepsy suffer on the search for her brother in feature ‘Electricity’.

Chris Luehning Discusses Navigating Commissions & Creative Differences on his Music Video ‘Lungs’

German director Chris Luehning joins DN to discuss how he navigated the choppy waters of creative differences on his latest music video project to arrive at ‘Lungs’, a film he was proud to claim as his own.

A Yuppie & Nosferatic Ghoul Battle for Social Superiority in Nathaniel Lindsay’s Satirical Comedy ‘Green Eyed’

A successful yuppie finds himself locked in a battle of oneupmanship with a Nosferatic ghoul bent on usurping his social status in Nathaniel Lindsay’s satirical short ‘Green Eyed’. Lindsay joins DN to explain how he transported us back to the heady days of 80s’ excess.

Jake Saner Journeys into the Relationship Between Person & Place in ‘Spaces Part I: Interior’

Director Jake Saner collaborates with dancer & choreographer Ashley Robicheaux to explore the reciprocal relationship between person and space in their observational documentary / surreal dance narrative ‘Spaces Part I: Interior’. Saner tells DN how they found their way.

Balancing the Nostalgic Past with the Unknown Future in Jordan Michael Blake’s ‘Yeye Bells Shiver’

DN presents the online premiere of director Jordan Michael Blake’s nostalgic NYU short ‘Yeye Bells Shiver’ which takes us on ‘an ethereal, bittersweet journey through the suburbs set on the last day of summer.’

Joe Kramer Talks About Monster Movie Making on a Budget for His Indie Comedy ‘Running the Gammatar’

We speak to director Joe Kramer about monster movie making on a budget for his award winning, wry comedy short about self-centered 20-something love, ‘Running the Gammatar’.

DN321: Mr Somebody? – Michelle Heighway

Michelle Heighway’s feature documentary Mr Somebody? unearths the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric, Jake Mangle-Wurzel. Michelle joins us to discuss how her 6 year passion project grew into the unlikeliest of friendships.

DN LFF2014: Table Tennis & Hip Hop Come Together at Last in Michael Tully’s 80s Movie ‘Ping Pong Summer’

DN caught up with director Michael Tully to get the full funky fresh lowdown on the blending of table tennis and Hip Hop in his modern day 80s movie, ‘Ping Pong Summer’.