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China’s Leftover Women are Finally Heard in Floyd Russ’ Emotional ‘Marriage Market’ Docu-Takeover

Floyd Russ returns to DN to discuss how he brought Chinese daughters and parents together for his heartbreakingly emotive documentary ‘Marriage Market’.

Kobi Vogman & Renana Aldor Take a Stop Motion Look at The Lost-Wax Technique of Bronze Casting

Kobi Vogman and Renana Aldor discuss how they translated the complex practice of lost-wax bronze casting into a compelling and comprehensible piece of animation.

Mad Ruffian Harness the Spirt of Live Music in Their Projection Mapping Promo for the In The Woods Festival

Creative Director Christopher Watson­-Wood shares how Mad Ruffian recreated the ephemeral atmosphere of live music by combining photography with a new twist on projection mapping.

Zachary Campbell Gets Over the Vegas Prenuptial Jitters in Neon Short ‘Animal Fiction’

DN speaks to Zachary Campbell about how a night of free form shooting led to ‘Animal Fiction’, his contemplative short about the nature of love and commitment .

DN337: Jaco Van Dormael Delivers the Gospel According to God’s Daughter in ‘The Brand New Testament’

Award winning Director Jaco Van Dormael joins DN to discuss why his irreverent forth feature ’The Brand New Testament‘ isn’t about religion.

Rico Mahel Balances Decay with Elegant Dance Choreography for Lunakid’s ‘Technicolor’

DN sat down with Berlin director Rico Mahel to discover how he balanced decrepit location design with elegant ballet choreography for Lunakid video ‘Technicolor’.

Kurtis Hough Sculpts the Landscape of Dreamworlds in Geometric Geology Short ‘Painted Hills’

Bringing his geology trilogy to a close Kurtis Hough returns to DN with ‘Painted Hills’ – a sculptural and painterly look at the geometry of geology.

Alan Masferrer Delivers an Multi-Limbed Surrealist Music Video in ‘Love is a Lonely Dancer’

Spanish Director Alan Masferrer talks DN through his surreal multi-limbed, b&w music video for Antony & Cleopatra’s ‘Love is a Lonely Dancer’.

Memories Light the Difficult Path Ahead in Gavin C Robinson’s Contemplative Music Video ‘Eyes Fixed’

DN speaks to Director Gavin C Robinson about his latest collaboration with musician Mike Vass for animated music video ‘Eyes Fixed’.

The Creeping Horror of Grief Becomes all too Palpable in Rob Savage’s Short ‘Absence’

DN caught up with Director Rob Savage to discuss ‘Absence’ – his short but dense film about the grieving process, starring Paul Mcgann.

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