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Norman Bates Take the Pinocchio Story for a Retro-Futuristic Spin in ‘We Must Be Crazy’

Belgian directing twosome Norman Bates’ new video for Milow’s We Must Be Crazy packs an emotional punch that’s made all the more potent by the presence of the all too believable animatronic beacon of hope at its centre. DN caught up with the pair to find out more.

Sakari Lerkkanen Reveals the Visual Rhythm of the Party Outcast in ‘Lintu’

Director Sakari Lerkkanen pulls from fond memories of parties in abandoned locations in his native Finland for Le Roi’s ‘Lintu’ music video. Lerkkanen takes us through the key elements and practices used to create the film.

DN317: Echo – Lewis Arnold

With Lewis Arnold’s short film ‘Echo’ being released online just over a week ago, it seemed the perfect excuse to delve even deeper into the director’s time at the National Film and Television School and the creation of his repetitive compulsion narrative.

Kire Paputts Challenges Preconceptions About Special Needs Actors in ‘The Rainbow Kid’

DN alumni Kire Paputts tell us how his forthcoming feature ‘The Rainbow Kid’ bucks the norm without succumbing to lazy cinematic conventions, to tell the compelling story of a special needs teenager trying to change his life for the better.

Ed Lawes Probes the Nature of the Mechanisms of Memory in ‘Glimpse’

In the short film ‘Glimpse’ Ed Lawes envisions memory as processed by a flawed machine and investigates the wider concept of the nature of memory itself. We invite Ed to share how he devised an aesthetic which would embrace the imperfections of his handheld footage, snatched whilst holidaying in Spain.

Chris Luehning Dives into a Dark Animated Sci-Fi Fairytale for Heart Island’s ‘Pull Me Like a String’ Remix

Chris discusses finding his way as a relative newcomer to 3D animation at the time and how he transformed computational restrictions into bold design choices.

Stockton Lane Weave Together Precious Memories of Love Lost for Brothertiger’s ‘In Mind’

Robert Nyerges & Matt Hardman’s debut music video ‘In Mind’ for Brothertiger sees a dying man’s desperate search through his past for his lost love. We speak to Robert and Matt about the challenges of weaving a dreamlike flow of memories on screen.

The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ ‘KIN Fables’ masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to discuss their vision for the KIN Fables journey & the near successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow them to realise that ambitious vision.

Goyims Jens & Anna Discuss Jewish Culture…Carefully in ‘The Squirrel and the Penguin’

Jens Blank & Anna Benner wracked their brains for the perfect story to animate their way into a Jewish film fund, only to find that the solution was writing itself all along. We discover how they navigated their way through the potential minefield of Jewish politics to a film which elucidates the early creative process.

David Baksh Documents the Early Collaborative Steps of Eva Magyar’s ‘Nobodys Guests’

The last time director David Baksh took us behind the curtain of the dance artiste it was with a portrait piece which poetically presented the shifting form of a single, talented performer. This time, Baksh returns with a more traditional documentary profile of hungarian director and choreographer, Eva Magyar’s development of her latest performance piece […]