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Crossing Genres Across a Culture of Subtraction in Ramón Ayala’s Fashion Sci-Fi Short ‘People Like Us’

Ramón Ayala discusses how his fashion film commission ‘People Like Us’ transformed beyond the genre into a sci-fi tinged improvised meditation on enduring love, culpability and ‘otherness’.

Dreams Clash with Responsibilities High in the Indian Himalayas in Ross Harrison’s Documentary ‘Lifelines’

In his short film ‘Lifelines’ Ross Harrison documents the daily toil of Makar Singh, a 32 year old father who is compelled to leave his work in Deli and return to his village in the Indian Himalayas. Harrison tells DN how he brought Makar’s story of daily struggle to screen.

Mireia Pujol Documents Migrant Life on the Perilous Boarders in ‘Diary of Hunger’

Director Mireia Pujol shares her experiences of travelling to the Moroccan mountains to take testament from the migrants attempting to jump the barrier in the hopes of a more prosperous life in her OFFF documentary ‘Diary of Hunger’.

Surviving a Surprise Satanic Sex Party with ‘Black And White’ Director Richard Williamson

“Surviving a surprise sex party with your soul intact is tough.” DN speaks to Richard Williamson, director of wickedly dark psychological short ‘Black and White’.

Rémy Bazerque Experiments with the Tonal Shifts of Comedy & Suspense in Short Film ‘Happy Hour’

Director Rémy Bazerque and producer Tibo Travers join DN to discuss their short film ‘Happy Hour’, a stylistic experiment in tone and audience expectation.

Blake Bogosian Documents the Small Stories Which Make Us ’100 Percent Human’

In his lifelong micro-documentary portrait series ’100 Percent Human’ filmmaker Blake Bogosian documents the stories which make us who we are in beautifully direct to camera black and white. DN caught up with Bogosian to discover the production story behind the stories.

Nicolas Garnier & Sébastien Le Gallo Conjure up Ulrich Forman’s Ruined Inner World in ‘I Got You’

Born out of the bullet-time experiments of Parisian directing duo Nicolas Garnier and Sébastien Le Gallo, the music video for Ulrich Forman track ‘I Got You’ is an impressive, jaw dropping visual effects feast. The duo share the secrets behind their effects magic.

Dimitris Simou Challenges Distance Perceptions in Wild Life Animation ‘Schemata’

Director Dimitris Simou describes the theoretical inspiration behind his parred down, yet expressively engaging animated perception experiment ‘Schemata’.

Guido Ekker Tracks the Molecular Progress of Evil in his ‘Chimera’ Title Sequence

Guido Ekker gives DN a magnified view into the creation of his title sequence for Gonzalo Fernandez’s short film ‘Chimera’.

Marcus Fjellström Connects the Dots for Hauntingly Beautiful Music Video ‘Who Are You’

Miss Kenichi seduces composer and multimedia artist Marcus Fjellström into creating the alluring visuals which accompany her haunting melody ‘Who Are You’. We invited Fjellström to connect the dots for us on his hypnotic music video.