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DN LFF2012: Made in Ash – Iveta Grofová

Initially conceived as a documentary, Iveta Grofová’s debut feature Made in Ash uses a mix of non-professional actors and locals to depict the harsh life altering decisions made by an Eastern Slovakia girl who travels to the West Bohemian town of Aš in the hope of building a better future for herself. We chat to Iveta about her mixed documentary/animation/fiction approach to filmmaking and selection as the Slovak National Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

My position has changed to a degree. People now view me more as a filmmaker, not as a friend.

Author: MarBelle

MarBelle has a strange compulsion to watch as many films as he can get his hands on and find jobs that give him a legitimate excuse to drill filmmakers about their work. Directors Notes is the latest incarnation of this disorder and so much cheaper than film school. Twitter: @MarBelle


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