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The Animals

Artist/Filmmaker Angeline Gragasin brought together what she describes as an “amazing group of creative minds” in creating her short The Animals, an experimental black comedy exploring obsession, nature, and the doppelgänger. Maude is a monomaniacal young woman transported from her lonesome city life to the sensational wilderness. She adjusts to the chaos of the forest […]

Pointe Shoes

In amongst all the psychological horror of Black Swan did you like me think, why the hell is Natalie Portman destroying a perfectly good pair of pointe shoes? After watching Galen Summer’s well observed documentary Pointe Shoes from his series of films for the New York City Ballet, you’ll understand that it wasn’t the physical […]


Burning people at the stake isn’t the most conventional subject for a jewellery advert and whilst Matias & Mathias’ promo for Bjorg Jewellery might not have you running out to buy jewellery, its striking imagery and strong storyline mean it’s certainly not an advert you’re going to forget anytime soon.

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