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Ariel Costa takes us on a graphical journey from A-Z in his animation experiment, Alphabetic.

DN241: Town of Runners – Jerry Rothwell

It wasn’t until I’d invited documentary director Jerry Rothwell to discuss his latest feature Town of Runners that I realised I’d been a fan of his work for many years, through films such as Deep Water and Heavy Load. Jerry and I discuss unconventional narrators and the tricky art of conducting interviews using double translation. […]

Squarepusher: Dark Steering

“For a while I had apocalyptic nightmares about trails of nuclear missiles in the night sky. So I aimed to recreate that strange combination of exhilaration, terror and sadness both visually and emotionally through this piece”. Rollo Jackson, with Carl Burke on DoP duties, combines talents with Tom Jenkinson (aka Squarepusher) to create this futuristic […]

PushMethod: Scars and Stripes

New York director Matt Pizzano and PushMethod ramp up the political aggression with their anti-capitalism promo Scars and Stripes.

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