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Archive for April 7th, 2012

Pop Le Cheval

On first glance, I took Canadian director Kristof Brandl’s Pop Le Cheval to be a fashion film, albeit one which existed in a grimly intriguing world of muted colours no label would choose to showcase a collection. Further research and I’ve got…well nothing? So I’m unilaterally declaring it an unconventional teaser for a larger narrative […]


Inspired by a newspaper article, Johannes Hartmann’s Halbschlaf is a love story that will leave you with a chill. Hartmann’s currently crowdsourcing funds on Indiegogo for his new short Deadlock, a black comedy action thriller short film about small time crooks dreaming of big money.

Casey Veggies: Euphoria II

Clement & Co’s John Bollozos’ promo for Casey Veggies track Euphoria II will have you seeing double, but all is not as it seems. The resulting video is a live action Spot The Difference game, challenging viewers to pay attention to the changes within each long take of the split screen while Casey delivers one […]

WhoMadeWho: Every Minute Alone

The tears just don’t stop flowing in William Stahl’s emotional promo for Every Minute Alone by avantgarde Danish trio WhoMadeWho.