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Sixteen Saltines

The teens are acting up in in AG Rojas’ promo for new Jack White single Sixteen Saltines.


Martin Allais of Spanish production house Boolab sketches out the evolution of man in just 90 seconds in this ad spot for the new Frixion pen from Pilot.

DN240: Bruno – Alvaro San José

When I happened across Alvaro San José’s short Bruno I was totally taken by its lyrical, dialogue free beauty, even more so on discovering it was his debut film. Alvaro joins us this week to discuss putting together his first production and creating a story with enough space to allow the viewer to find their […]

Bruno – Alvaro San José

Bruno (2012) A world about to collapse, where amazement exists. What impresses us? What do names hide? The same old story seems to repeat itself, like a ritual. We are both contemporary and ancient all through the centuries.

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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