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Larry Mannequin

Merlin Bronques’ Larry Mannequin casts his scathing eye around the preening, self obsessed epicentre of ‘the scene’ and finds it and everyone in it wanting.

LCD Soundsystem: Someone Great

Michael Turri takes the strata-cut animation technique and applies it to wood in this hypnotic unofficial promo for LCD Soundsystem’s Someone Great. To create this film, I shaved off the ends of heavily figured woods at roughly 24 cuts per inch and then photographed them. The 1,200+ still images where then cropped, tiled and cropped […]


As long as Everynone keep making their beautifully observed videos we’ll keep posting them. This time round the bullies get called out as the real Losers.

From Darkness

Canadian writer/director Andrew Erin enlists the acting powers of Michael Biehn, star of science fiction classics The Terminator and Aliens, to headline this powerful tale of a foster child who develops a telekinetic defence mechanism. Erin has revealed on Vimeo recently that From Darkness acts as a promo for a feature film that he’s currently developing the script for. FROM DARKNESS […]

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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