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My Panda Shall Fly + Benjamin Jackson: Mantra

Don’t be put off by the gimp like suit in the opening moments of Andrew Corrigan’s Mantra promo, once the frenetic beats of My Panda Shall Fly + Benjamin Jackson’s track settle into a definable pattern, Chris King’s 3D projection mapping animation will totally own your eyeballs.

Punks Jump Up feat Chromeo: Mr Overtime

French director Maxime Bruneel brings the vivid, trippy style we’ve become used to in his recent work, to this vibrant animated road trip video for the Punks Jump Up feat Chromeo track Mr Overtime.

A Momentary Lapse of London

Davide Roveri’s 6 minute short A Momentary Lapse of London features impressive time lapse shots of iconic London landmarks, often in silhouette against rich, painterly skies. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a TC80N3 Timer Remote Control, the short feels like a narration free, spiritual companion to Saint Etienne’s 2002 feature Finisterre. Roveri […]

Spike Lee / The Dolly Shot

Ever noticed how many dolly shots Spike Lee has in his movies? NO! Well writer & video editor Richard Cruz has and he’s made a montage to prove it.

Orpheus´ Pony

Orpheus´ metamorphotic walk through the lost and found land. 2000 drawings passed through German animator Michael Fragstein’s hands as he created morphing, experimental animation Orpheus´ Pony.

The Plague Bearers

Artist, animator, accordion player and recent CalArts graduate Zoë Moss combines stop-motion and 2D animation techniques in her haunting short The Plague Bearers. The year is 1655. The Black Plague has traveled to the village of Eyam, and the villagers have barricaded themselves in their homes. But the plague is spreading, and it is only […]

On The Table

The latest member to join French animation studio Je Regarde, Japanese animator Masanobu Hiraoka applies his interest in metamorphosis and strange or impossible motions to reveal the myriad of wondrous sights we miss On The Table when we’re not looking.


SubWars, the latest animation from Chinese director SeanSoong highlights exactly why you should always give up your seat for an elderly person. Equally impressive is the poster created for the short.

The Animals

Artist/Filmmaker Angeline Gragasin brought together what she describes as an “amazing group of creative minds” in creating her short The Animals, an experimental black comedy exploring obsession, nature, and the doppelgänger. Maude is a monomaniacal young woman transported from her lonesome city life to the sensational wilderness. She adjusts to the chaos of the forest […]

Pointe Shoes

In amongst all the psychological horror of Black Swan did you like me think, why the hell is Natalie Portman destroying a perfectly good pair of pointe shoes? After watching Galen Summer’s well observed documentary Pointe Shoes from his series of films for the New York City Ballet, you’ll understand that it wasn’t the physical […]

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