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Factory Floor: On Hold

Pure looping brilliance from AB/CD/CD meets the pulsing beat of Factory Floor’s On Hold. ON HOLD (w/ music by factory floor) from AB/CD/CD on Vimeo.

Frame of Mind

Inspired by the Modern Family opening credits and the recent HP ads, Frame of Mind from Steven Alan and Ben Boutwell is a playful journey around Hawaii, frame by frame. Frame of Mind from Steven Alan on Vimeo.


You want a good life, you want more. In the aftermath of last August’s England riots, the hitherto ignored ‘youth’ of the country’s most deprived areas fell under the combined glare of the media and political spotlight as onlookers and victims alike scrabbled for an answer to the question; What the hell happened? Hardliners branded […]

M.I.A.: Bad Girls (Behind The Scenes)

If like me you’ve become strangely obsessed with M.I.A’s Bad Girls track and its accompanying Romain Gavras promo, you’ll probably be equally obsessed with this just released ‘behind the scenes’ video.

Unnamed Soundsculpture

Daniel Franke and Cedric Kiefer’s Unnamed Soundsculpture is a captivating example of the possibilities presented by combining consumer tech with dance and creative imagination. “The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. For our work we asked a […]

Keaton Henson: Small Hands

For his directorial music promo debut Joseph Mann teamed up with talented puppeteer duo Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper to create a bittersweet tale of partnership and the harsh realities of the food-chain, all told through meticulously detailed puppets designed by Sabbagh and Keaton Henson. Keaton Henson – Small Hands from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.

Luca Dipierro Book Trailers

It’s been a little while since we looked in on Luca Dipierro but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Over the past few years Luca has become the go to guy when it comes to creating beautifully strange animated films for book releases, producing work for CA Conrad, Betsy Wheeler, A Bolha Editora and […]

Childhood of a Circle

With Childhood of a Circle, French graphic designer Kadavre Exquis (who previously brought us Theodore & Rosemary’s Orchard) has created an animation which succeeds in feeling both classically traditional and freshly modern at the same time. There’s a certain childish magic to Exquis’ animation that you just don’t witness very often nowadays. If you visit […]

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is an older piece (2006) from Supinfocom students Corentin Laplatte, Samuel Deroubaix, Jerome Dernoncourt, which promises (and delivers), Action! Thrills!! Sensations!!! Primitive Love!!!! Once Upon a Time from Corentin Laplatte on Vimeo.


Finally! Peter Millard gives us the weird, trippy Hulk Hogan animation that’s been missing from our lives. Now be a good Hulkamaniac, “say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong“. Hogan from peter millard on Vimeo.

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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