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La Vague

I don’t think any explanation for what takes place in La Vague from La Maison Démontable could come anywhere near doing this bizarrely intriguing film justice. You’ll simply have to watch for yourself… La vague from La maison démontable on Vimeo.

DN239: Fubar – HaZ Dulull

If like me it’s your natural instinct to avoid online cat movies at all costs, HaZ Dulull’s epic conspiracy, battlefield short Fubar is likely to make you re-evaluate that stance. HaZ joins me to discuss reissuing a redux version of Fubar closer to his original vision for the project and the social media and multi-platform […]

The Big Winner

If you ever wondered exactly what nipples were for, Rubber House’s The Big Winner finally provides the answers we’ve all been looking for. The Big Winner from Rubber House on Vimeo.

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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