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Chainsaw Babe

Rules dictate if you’ve put out two parts of a splatter-fest horror film, a trilogy is inevitable. Goremation master Lee Hardcastle adds the sexy (and the 3d) to his Chainsaw Maid mythology with the third instalment, Chainsaw Babe.

Fubar – HaZ Dulull

Fubar (2011) An epic story of an on-going political war told in an alternate reality with cat and dogs.

Successful Alcoholics

Starring T.J. Miller and Lizzy Caplan (both of whom you might recognise from Cloverfield), Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Successful Alcoholics is a comedy that all short comedies should strive to be like. This laugh-out-loud film of a co-dependent couple drowning in booze and yet still clinging to well-paying jobs manages be funny, well-acted and ultimately likeable – […]

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