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Does technology improve our world and if so, at what social cost? Thomas Wightman’s near future short Outside “explores ideas about how advancement in technology has effected the way we communicate and how as a result it may impact our society and environment.” Outside from Thomas Wightman on Vimeo.

Goody! Two Shoes

Last month El Vez introduced us to the dance based film work of multi-skilled New Yorker Celia Rowlson-Hall. I’m shamelessly going to steal his discovery for my own by posting her city destroying, broadway dancing, jungle trekking, fatal one woman shoe show Goody! Two Shoes created for Keller’s Spring/Summer 2012 range. GOODY! TWO SHOES from […]

The Writing Never Ends

The Benefits of Being a Writer/Director on Your First Feature Film It was day 14 of our 16 day shoot of Love Magical, a wild and crazy romantic comedy. Our script was 105 pages, we were averaging seven pages a day with very little room for error. On day 14, we arrived at our location, […]

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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