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Young Adult

Young Adult is the age old tale of the girl that left her small town for the bright lights of the big city because she was just too damn popular to stay in nowheresville. Charlize Theron is Mavis who left Minnesota for Minneapolis having been one of ‘The Populars’ at high school. She is now […]

Inky Pinky

Inky Pinky, the first in a series of microshorts from Brain Killer sees Pinky, an unsuspecting Kogal meets her demise by an unseen bone crunching, soul sucking Yōkai of pure evil known only as Inky.

Kitchen Sink Drama

Is Nicholas Clifford’s Kitchen Sink Drama the worst marriage proposal ever? Possibly, but it’s also one of the funniest shorts I’ve seen in a while! As one of 16 Tropfest 2012 Movie Extra finalists (Kate McNamara walked away with best female actor), Clifford and producer Michael Ciccone were interviewed about Kitchen Sink Drama for Top […]

Willis Earl Beal: Evening Kiss

Willis Earl Beal illustrates and directs this unusual video for his haunting track Evening Kiss. Willis Earl Beal ‘Evening Kiss’ from forever on Vimeo.

Jack Turits

I’m ashamed to admit that my film discovery powers must be in need of a major tuneup, as if I’m only just discovering the work of New York City based director Jack Turits, something’s definitely up. In an effort to redeem myself may I present Turits’ shorts The Virgins, Girl and Bubbles. Whilst all three […]

I Am Your Grandma

If terrifying your future grandchildren from beyond the grave is something that appeals to you Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva’s I Am Your Grandma lays down a template that’s sure to have them seeking counselling for many years to come. I Am Your Grandma from Mayer\Leyva on Vimeo.

Beirut: Vagabond

You know how people hearken back to simpler, more restrained times, back when folks knew how to enjoy themselves without it descending into debauchery? Well Sunset Television and Beirut put a pin in that rose-tinted reminiscence, with good ol’ army boys and sailors morosely ripping it up with hard drinking nurses and local girls at […]


Rachel Mouawad gives us a peak at a woman slipping InsideOut into something more comfortable after a night of looking fabulous. InsideOut from Rachel Mouawad on Vimeo.

Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game

Taking the worlds of Dr Grordbort as its basis, and created and designed by Greg Broadmore, the Media Design School’s steampunk styled Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game is not only a dazzling example of the school’s craft, but a healthy introduction to the world of short film for its students.  The live action/CGI film was created by […]

Ocean Versus Daughter: Appolina

Emile Rafael’s Appolina for Ocean Versus Daughter probably won’t be the first light painting promo you’ve seen, but it makes such good use of the technique you may well be inspired to bust out the torches yourself. Ocean Versus Daughter // Appolina from Emile Rafael on Vimeo.

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