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Brad In A Bottle

Nicholas Clifford’s Brad in a Bottle sees its hydrophobic lead sleepwalk through his lonely and ironic existence as a water salesman, until a chance encounter with a mysterious woman gives him a sleep to remember. Brad In A Bottle from Truce Films on Vimeo.>


Chris Crutchfield creates the score that powers our digital lives in his humorous short Digitals. One day I got an email, an sms, a phone call, a Facebook message and two tweets all within about 5 seconds of one another. This video is a re-manifestation of my brain’s interpretation of that event. #trustory Digitals from […]

Nicki Minaj: Stupid Hoe

Hype Williams busts out the epileptic editing for Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe. Stupid Hoe from Hadaya Turner on Vimeo.

Like Crazy

Like Crazy is the story of Jacob and Anna. Anna is a British student studying for a year in LA during which she meets Jacob in a class they share. She writes him a kooky letter, they start to date and fall in love. The film charts their relationship in the US and across borders […]

Bird Benny

A group of young ornamental birds compare plumage in Bird Benny, a laugh out loud animation from Kristof Luyckx. Bird Benny from Kristof Luyckx on Vimeo.

Stephin Merritt: Dream Again

Inanimate objects come to life and sing-a-long to Stephin Merritt’s Franz Ferdinand cover Dream Again, in Russell Weekes’ promo.


A man is transfixingly disintegrated to the sounds of Luca Rinaudo in Antonio Cusimano’s experimental piece th0r. th0r from 3112htm on Vimeo.

Aesop: Kingdom of Frogs

Based on Aesop’s fable the Frog’s that Desired a King, Jesse Ewles has combined his unique stop motion style with the Dean Tzenos’ music for his take on the tale of the dissatisfied masses ruled by the kings they deserve, if not want. Aesop: Kingdom of Frogs from Jesse Ewles on Vimeo.

The Kills: The Last Goodbye

DN favourite Samantha Morton creates a simple, but striking portrait of The Kills for the band’s single The Last Goodbye.

The Bark Side

I was pretty sure that every conceivable Star Wars parody had to have been played out by now, that was until I saw Keith Schofield’s genius ad spot for Volkswagen, The Bark Side. The Bark Side from FatBobRider on Vimeo.

Directors Notes on Vimeo

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