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Dick4Dick: Another Dick

Don’t be mislead by the title, Przemysław Adamski’s Rashomonesque music video for Dick4Dick’s Another Dick is an impressive piece of creative stop motion which replays a night of boozy excess from the multiple view points of different band members, starting at the same moment in a different hotel room. The promo was shot over 6 days, amassing a mountain of 120,000 digital pictures, taken with over 20 different cameras (Canon 350D, Canon 400D, Canon 5D, Nikon D50, Nikon D70, Canon Powershot A570, cell phones cameras).

As the action repeats, albeit from different perspectives, the track returns note for note each time, which will either leave you forever humming or loathing it.

Dick4Dick “Another Dick” from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Author: MarBelle

MarBelle has a strange compulsion to watch as many films as he can get his hands on and find jobs that give him a legitimate excuse to drill filmmakers about their work. Directors Notes is the latest incarnation of this disorder and so much cheaper than film school. Twitter: @MarBelle


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