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Gísli þór Gíslason Taps into Viking Folklore for Arctic Roots’ ‘Nykur’ Music Video

Rising from the ashes of a lacklustre reaction to his end of year student film project, director Gísli þór Gíslason set his sights on the Viking folklore from his native Iceland and put together a crew from his German film school for mythical short Nykur; a film which serves as both his graduation film and […]


  • Whilst fans films aren't usually my favourite sub-category in the short film world, it's fair to say not every one combines the dark crime-fighting world of Gotham's Batman with the robot-filled apocalyptic universe of The Terminator. (more…) #
  • Fears of inspiration being merely a fleeting partner provided the creative spark for Emanuele Kabu's previous short Mail, and once again the filmmaker turns frustration (this time insomnia) on its head and into an alluring piece of animation in It's Called "Moon": “It's called "Moon" was born during the making of my previous video Mail. I wanted to work again with text and with the idea of ​​this 'permanent' image (in fact the beginning of the video is similar to the animation of Mail). I made 1527 drawings (to be specific 1527 variations on the same drawing) and then I simply mounted them one after the other, adding the parts of the text. It has been done in the last 3 months. I think Mail, It's called "Moon" and the video I'm working on now can be considered a sort of a triptych.” #
  • Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner's graduate thesis animation Abita, poignantly tells the story of Fukushima children who dream of being able to play in an outside denied to them because of radioactivity. #
  • A nonagenarian seeing out his remaining lonely days receives a package that sends him on his way to great beyond with happy memories of times gone by in Mascha Halberstad's delightful stop motion film Goodbye Mister de Vries. #
  • Ink and choreographed motion interplay beautifully in Alan Kępski and Marcin Klinger's sublimely graceful film for Anoice's Autumn Waltz. #

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